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Enough about bits, bytes in book language. I want to know what a bit is in general. Electricity? [closed]

It has been 4 years I am familiar with bits, bytes and true false, on off situation. What are bits in general? Are they electricity? When we say bits per second, are we talking about the speed of ...
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Could two LAN7800s be used to create a USB3-over-Ethernet extender?

I am looking to create a USB 3.0 extender and am considering the possibility of using two LAN7800 ICs to achieve this. My goal is to achieve speeds of up to 1Gbps. I already know that the PC will see ...
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Ethernet cabling: UTP, STP, FTP, etc, when is shielding useful/needed?

When installing cabling for Ethernet purposes, the question often arises: does one want/need simple UTP or any of the shielded variants, i.e. F/UTP, S/UTP, SF/UTP, U/FTP, F/FTP, S/FTP or SF/FTP, often ...
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Using an Ethernet gigabit PHY for only 100 and 10 Mbps speeds

I am designing a custom board. I have a USB to Ethernet converter which has 10/100 PHY and I want to connect that PHY to the gigabit Ethernet PHY. I have researched about that problem and found a ...
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How to choose a common mode choke for ethernet?

I'm currently working on a design which contains gigabit ethernet. Due to some weird size constraints, I can't use a magjack or one of those transformer ICs, so I'm using discrete magnetics. I've ...
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Can you interface 2 gigabit ethernet ports via one rgmii interface?

Can we use the KSZ9893RNXC from Microchip as the Ethernet PHY chip, and interface the 2 gigabit ports to Allwinner H6, which has only one RGMII interface. Also please note that we are aiming at using ...
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Gigabit transceiver with MHz reference clock

I've some experience with Xilinx FPGA generating 10Gb/s over SMA loopback with on-off keying modulation (what scope shows) to perform BER test but the documentation shows it uses a reference clock in ...
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POE power pass through

Is it possible to connect the center taps of two Ethernet magnetics to each other back-to-back to pass the power from one port to another. Does it make sense? Is anything special required?
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Gearbox in 10GBASE-R Ethernet protocol

In 10GBASE-R specification, Gearbox is defined to take care the data width adaptation between PCS & PMA. For example, after the 64b66b encoding, the PCS data width will become 66bits. The gearbox ...
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10/100Mbps Magnetics with 10/100/1000 PHY

I have a SOC that has a KSZ9031RN PHY, that is a Gigabit PHY. But I'm going to use only in 10/100 Mode with 4 wires. Gigabit PHY datasheet recommends a magnetic for Gigabit Ethernet, that are ...
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Why this evaluation board use different track impedance than the right one? Ethernet PHY, routing

Im doing a design with a implementation of 1Gb ethernet switch, for that I bought a evaluation board to do it well. The problem is that in the layout of the ev board I can check that the track ...
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Gigabit detection DIY

Ethernet up to 100Mbps uses only 2 of the 4 twisted wires in an ethernet cable while gigabit is using all of them. Connecting an LED to one of the gigabit-only pairs should therefore make it easy to ...
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LVDS Flex Cables - Optimizing Trace Layout for 10 GbE

I want to run a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) signal over a 15 pin LVDS flex cable like this one: My PCB will accept an RJ45 connector, and those traces will run over the PCB to the flex jumper, then ...
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differential routing without GND

I have task that I need to make adapter board which transforms gigabit ethernet connector RJ45 to another connector (not RJ45). I also have power connector to carry power one side to other. I need ...
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Implementing 1000BASE-T (Twisted pair) over PCB backplane [duplicate]

Problem: We are designing a small payload which will contain several ethernet capable devices connected via a backplane we must design. All guidelines concern the scenario where the PHY is ...
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Gigabit Ethernet Coupler Design

I'm doing a PCB design which includes a Gigabit Ethernet 'coupler' - i.e coupling from one CAT 5e cable to another via my PCB (see sketch below) My question is, how careful do I need to be with ...
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IP Camera IC (PAL to Ethernet)

I have a design problem to capture CCIR/PAL video from the camera that is available and send it over ethernet. Need to come up with my own printed circuit board design, having no prior experience in ...
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How much amps (maximum) are flowing through 1000Base-T Ethernet? [duplicate]

How much amps (maximum) would be flowing through a 5 meter Cat 5/6 Ethernet cable with 1000Base-T speed (IEEE 802.3ab, 5-PAM coding, so voltage levels vary between +- 2V, 1V, 0V)?
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Can I generate a 90° Clock signal with Xilinx's ODELAY for RGMII?

Some time ago I implemented a GMII interface for my Gigabit Ethernet core. Now I'm trying to do the same with the RGMII protocol. The reference implementation from Xilinx uses IDELAY[|E1|E2] ...
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Does SGMII contain MDIO?

When connecting a NIC (Intel I210-IS) to an gigabit ethernet switch with integrated PHYs (Marvell 88E6176) using the SGMII interface, I came across the following question: Since SGMII is a serialized ...
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