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Adalm Pluto SDR - Second RX channel signal issues

I have a Pluto SDR rev c, on which I just enable the second TX and RX channel. I am sending a simple sinusoidal signal at a specific frequency (fc), but different phase and amplitude, using the two TX ...
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Alternative to "Header/Payload Demux" block in GNU Radio for OFDM frames with a fixed length

I'm fairly new to GNU Radio and was looking for a way to communicate using OFDM without using packet headers. I am trying to implement a simple version of OFDM with fixed length frames. I have ...
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Phase detection accuracy with USRP N210 and CBX-40

I have designed a simple TX/RX system in GRC with a single USRP N210 and CBX-40. I am transmitting sinusoidal signals at various frequencies within the 2-6GHz range and detecting the amplitude and ...
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GNU radio FRS transceiver

I am trying to implement the transmit section of this GNU Radio transceiver design, documented here. This design is intended for a bladeRF SDR, but the hardware available to me is the USRP B210. The ...
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GNU Radio aliases occurrence dependent on data format

My setup is simply this: I'll post some slides I made below which explain my issue. Why doesn't the 700 Hz alias occur if I use the complex data format, but is shown for float data format? I suspect ...
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what exactly prevents my smartphone from being used as an SDR without a dedicated dongle

The answer seems obvious (frequencies restricted by chips) but I'm looking for a clear and accurate explanation. Several examples of SDR projects connecting an SDR dongle to a smartphone are available ...
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Constellation of BPSK doesn't look as expected

I'm a total novice when it comes to RF beyond basic concepts. I'm trying to use a HackRF One to pull the data coming off of this transponder, which theoretically transmits data on a 3.59MHz carrier. I'...
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