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Why did my 50µm gold wire vanish when I tried to tin it?

I was trying to tin 50µm gold wire to solder it to something bigger, but touching the gold wire to a bit of molten solder on the tip of an iron caused a couple of mm of wire to disappear. The solder ...
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Why isn't tungsten used for multimeter probes?

Gold is considered the best multimeter probe tip (though disadvantages are that it comes off easily when rubbed and is expensive) since its surface hardly oxidizes when exposed to room-temperature air,...
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Why do old ICs especially CPUs have golden caps and bottom lids?

What was the advantage of having a golden heat spreader and bottom lid ? Contacts make sense because of the electrical properties. This is still done today. But what were the effects of using gold ...
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Why silver plating for 3.5 mm stereo jack

Never thought about it until previous part I used, 3.5 mm stereo jack, gold plated, has depleted in the place I was buying it from. Research for replacement shows that such connectors may have gold or ...
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Appreciate help in identifying this vintage IC - Fairchild HL41109 QB

Trying to find out what this one is has been a real head-scratcher. Google leads me down numerous rabbit-holes to dead ends. And I see 1 or 2 for sale on eBay, but apparently they have no idea what it ...
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Fix gold plating on pins has been to repair charging

To begin, apologies in advance if this is the wrong place for this kind of question. I have a Fitbit where the gold plating on the charging pins are fading causing inconsistent charging. Is there a ...
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Should gold tips be on the top and bottom copper layers for PCIe golden finger?

I am trying to order a PCIe golden finger. It is my first time to create this type of PCB. May I just double check that Gold tips should be on the top and bottom copper layers, right? I should do ...
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How do I solder thick goldplated DIA pins?

I am struggling with soldering some pretty think gold plated DIA pins to one of my boards. I've tried various things such as; Increasing the heat of my soldering iron, but am afraid of burning my ...
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4 answers

Why not nickel-plated edge connectors?

The tracks used as an edge connector are gold coated to improve contact with the female connector: bare Cu oxidizes, and also wears out if they are inserted and removed repeatedly. Au cannot be ...
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How to use gold finishing to reduce corrosion on a moisture sensor?

Background I have a raspberry pi with a moisture sensor that suffers from corrosion. My setup is similar to the one described in this raspberrypi.stackexchange question about corrosion of a moisture ...
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How to make an electrical connection to thin gold plating?

Hello fellow engineers. I am trying to make an electrical connection with some gold plating. The gold plating is shaped like a rectangle, with dimensions of 3mm x 1.5mm x 0.1μm thick. Here is what ...
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2 answers

long lasting wiring of many ds18b20 sensors

I'm laying down a number of temp sensors to the air exchange machine with heat pump. Temps there wary from -35 to +70 celsius. I may like to change/relayout components in the machine, therefore need ...
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Noise performance of Gold plating on PCB? [closed]

It is very broad question to ask. In our company, we have been using PCB with pads coated in silver(HAL or tin coated). However, the project in development is suffering from noise issue, so I am ...
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Delamination or missing gold on PCB pads

Today I received some PCBs I ordered, and they look like they are missing the gold from the ENIG process in some areas. Am I correct? What is the cause, and should I be concerned? They seem to still ...
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Galvanic action on gold plated PCB

It has been always said that having gold plating on a PCB has lots of advantages. Not only does it give a good clean low resistance contact, but the perfect flat surface. However based on the galvanic ...
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How signifigant of an issue is Gold Embrittlement?

I have heard about gold embrittlement but have not seen any data regarding failure rates, or how long before solder joints are at risk of failing. We use an ENIG finish on all our boards and I'm ...
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11 votes
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Gold coated multimeter test probes

I found around a couple of damaged "gold coated" probes, after checking the inner wire it happens to be made of cooper, my questions here are simple 1) Why coat the tips if the rest of the probe is ...
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Gold coated pads

Is there any difference between a gold coated pad and a gold pad? I have been ordering boards from OSH park, they are really good quality, I'm just wondering what benefits this has over silver or bare ...
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How thick a gold finish on a pcb for wire bonding?

As a partial reparation for my previous question today. Please allow this rather esoteric/ but on topic question. I was sending out a pcb that will have gold wire bonding pads. It was a option at our ...
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