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Questions tagged [gumstix]

A line of single-board computers that are comparable to the size of a stick of chewing gum.

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Overo Waterstorm RTC power usage

I am trying to work out the current draw from Vbackup when the RTC is kept alive but the rest of the system is shutdown. I am trying to determine the size of the backup cell that I need for my ...
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Gumstix Overo RTC support?

I’m working on a design incorporating a Gumstix Overo AirSTORM-Y COM, and I note that it can accommodate a backup battery. I understand that this is handled by the on-board TPS65950 PMIC, which ...
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Which resistor do I need to replace to power a Gumstix Pre-Go board with 3.3 V?

I purchased a Gumstix Pre-Go PPP with SMA connector. On the product page, it states: Logic levels are at 3.3V, and the board is powered by the 5V supply; however, by removing and replacing a jumper ...
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Microcontroller Bluetooth Multiple Connection Support

What exactly is the bottleneck that might prevent a bluetooth device from being able to pair to more than one peripheral device at a time? Is it the connection, antenna, protocol, etc? I'm planning ...
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Driving a load with 1.8V input

I have a Gumstix expansion board and want to make it communicate with some 24V PLCs. I've read these topics for reference: 1.8V to 5V, still not comfortable with transistors Transistors: why are ...
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Gumstix with USB hub TUSB2036

I'm designing an expansion board for a Gumstix Overo IronStorm COM (Computer on Module). I need to connect three different USB devices to the Gumstix acting as a USB Host - all devices and the Gumstix ...
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Adding microphone/amplifier to Gumstix Overo Earth COM?

I am new to hardware hacking in general. I have a Gumsitx Overo Earth COM and a Palo35 expansion board with audio in/audio out capabilities. According to Gumstix's wikipage on audio input, the ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Connect SIM module to a Gumstix?

Is there a way to connect a SIM module to a Gumstix? I've tried to find commercial solutions (add-on modules) that will do this but have not found any. Surely an addon providing mobile connectivity ...
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Gumstix with an e-ink screen

I really want to develop on a gumstix with an e-ink display, but $3000 for a development board is a bit steep for me right now, especially since I just want to get a prototype out so I can see what ...
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