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Design of an auxiliary power supply for high voltage converter

I have a half bridge converter going from 270V to 24V, and I need to create an auxiliary power supply for my controller/drivers/etc. So I need a design with a high step-down ratio in order to go from ...
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Is it possible to make a halfbridge coilgun with high side IGBT and low side SCRs?

In a rather simple coilgun, the problem of freewheeling current from the coil is solved with a diode in parallel with the coil. The energy of the reverse current is wasted this way and even slows the ...
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Odd bootstrap design for high-side gate drive

The above circuit utilizes a bootstrap design similar to this next illustration, Image source: Toshiba - MOSFET Gate Driver Circuit - Application Note I understand quite well how the capacitor C2 is ...
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Supply of the primary side of the transformer in a forward, half-bridge converter

Why is it that in most forward, half-bridge converters, one of the transformer windings is connected with two capacitors (to VCC and GND): when my simulations shows that one capacitor (that block DC ...
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Active Half-Bridge Driver Circuit

Consider the folLowing half bridge circuit: I'm designing a half-bridge circuit to be controlled by a microcontroller. Ultimately, there will be 3 copies of this circuit for an ESC. I am hoping to ...
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Only using low side of high/low mosfet driver - can I leave the high pins disconnected?

I have the below circuit for a high/low mosfet driver half bridge, with an extra low side for running a brake resistor (note this is just one of the 3 half bridges for the BLDC controller) I'm using ...
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Half-Bridge with N-channel Mosfets and IR2101

I am building a half-bridge with IR2101 as half bridge driver and I am being confused by something in the datasheet of IR2101. My main supply voltage will be 40V. The VCC of the IR2101 will be 15V ...
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Gate spikes in half-bridge IR2110 driven

Some time ago I posted a question about weird oscillograms of half-bridge, gate spikes on mosfet openings. After some investigation, it was revealed that the problem is not in transformer leakage ...
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Half-bridge oscillogram spikes, possible shoot through

I built a half-bridge smps based on IR2110S, it is working but the oscillograms seems weird and mosfets are a little hot. LOW side mosfet Vds. Two oscillograms, mosfets midpoint as oscilloscope ...
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Schottky diode between the gate and source in half-bridge power section

Why some MOSFET half-bridge power sections have Schottky diodes between the source and the gate of MOSFTETs? For example D1 and D5 in the schematics here:
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Why I'm getting different values than the simulator in precision half-wave rectifier?

I've build this circuit on the breadboard and with 5V AC I'm getting 2.5V at the output: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab The problem is in the simulator it outputs 1....
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How much voltage must a MOSFET withstand in a half-bridge configuration?

It seems a bit silly and I guess I know the answer but I don't know why it gave me some confusion, in a half-bridge configuration like the one in the image: If between DC-Bus+ and DC-Bus- there is a ...
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