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High Definition - referring to video formats, considered to be anything over 720P format (720 X 1280 @ 30Hz), another common format is 1080P (1080X1920 @ 60 Hz) although. not all "HD" are progressive scan nor are they necessarily at 60Hz. Not a formal definition.

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Why does changing CRT to HDTV lose antenna channels? [closed]

We have an internal antenna that is connected to a tiny CRT TV through a digital converter box. I recently replaced this CRT TV with an HDTV, and I removed the digital converter box since the HDTV ...
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Is there equalizer on the monitor's HD-SDI interface

Is there usually an equalizer on the monitor's HD-SDI input interface? In fact is it an requirement for HD-SDI monitors? Maybe HD-SDI signal is attenuated too much at the input of monitor, but ...
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Can I store all channels from the signal coming from a digital antenna? [closed]

Whatever signal comes out of a digital antenna carries many basic broadcast channels (ABC, FOX etc.) Once this signal reaches the TV, some extraction circuit extracts (or tunes to) the channel I want ...
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How boost a DVB-C signal [closed]

I receive a DVB-C signal from my broadcast TV provider, and I use coaxial cables and some splitters to connect my three televisions to the coaxial wall-socket. Unfortunately I have problems to ...
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HD-SDI serial data output termination

Soo.. I've been testing my designing limits, trying to learn about Serial Digital Interface, and building a simple reclocker with TI IC's. And now I've run into a small speedbump with the output from ...
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What solutions are there for getting HD video?

What solutions are there, preferably single chip solutions, for getting HD video over DVI/HDMI? My googling is not giving me much, only about the Blackfin chip from Analog. I know about the ...
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High definition video on a composite cable

Does anyone know if there exists an electrical/electronic standard for high definition video on a single wire, like composite TV which integrates luma, chroma and sync? I'm still interested in this ...
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What kind of options are there for very high bandwidth long distance data links?

I'm considering a future product. A high definition (720p) video transmitter. Ideally a compressed MPEG link would be used but this would still require at least 80 Mbit/s. I'm not looking at a simple ...
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