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Questions tagged [hot-plug]

The act of connecting a communication interface between two devices while one or both are powered up. The design of interfaces to tolerate this.

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Hot pluggable CAN collections of devices

I'm trying to create a network of hot pluggable collections of iot devices into a bus (Containing Device 'A') that will always be present. There could be up to 50 collections with each collection ...
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PCIe hotplug hardware schematics reference design

I was going through this link, this was very wonderful Does PCIe hotplug actually work in practice? Following the above link, I had a question below: I am looking for a "PCIe hotplug hardware ...
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Display Port 1.4 Hot Plug Detect (HPD) Behaviour on AMD 7040 Motherboard

For some reason I can't get my DP port working on the AMD 7040 motherboard that I have designed, where on the same board, I have also Mini-DP that has an identical electrical circuit (in schematic) ...
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Hot-plugging current - TVS and ethernet

My question is based on this question over here In one of the comments, it is mentioned, "TVS on the media side would seem to invite short-circuit currents on hot-plugging. Putting it behind the ...
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Serial circuit protection design

I've been researching RS485 hotplug protection for a while and come up with the following solution. The reason is that I burned two custom Arduinos, after further investigation it turned out the GND ...
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Replace a DS4560S hotplug protection IC with a custom circuit

I intended to use a DS4560S for hotplug protection for my custom Arduinos. Unfortunately it turned out my fab house doesn't have them available even at their supplier and it would be a great hassle. ...
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Hotplug protection for serial devices

I'm building a cockpit for home entertainment and have decided on RS485 for communication and, unfortunately RJ45 to carry the power and data to the panels. I have already made a lot of hardware with ...
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Hot-pluggable bus design review

I am currently designing a hot-pluggable bus system where a module is connected to its respective slot via a first mate/last break spring-loaded connector. I am using PJON, in specific PJDL on the ...
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USB hotplugging causes latchup in LDO

I am working on a device that is powered from a USB host and has a downstream-facing USB type A receptacle. VBUS on the downstream port is connected directly to VBUS on the upstream port, and 3.3V ...
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What is the correct behavior of the HDMI HPD signal?

Can anybody explain the correct behavior the HDMI HPD (Hot Plug Detect) signal? For example, I've disassembled an HDMI coupler and connected a few wires to the +5V/HPD/GND (shell) and here is what I'm ...
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Hotplugging issue in MicroSD Connector

I am facing a hotplugging issue in my SD Connector setup. When I plug and check, it reads, however, not when I remove and insert. What might be the reason behind this? Attached are the schematics for ...
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Leaving DVI hot plug detect pin unconnected

I am making a custom cable from a VPX backplane to a DVI-I connector, and need to know if the DVI cable will work OK with a standard monitor if I do not wire up the hot plug detect pin. I will never ...
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What makes signal lines hot swappable?

In MAX14780E datasheet, it's explicitly featured as "hot swappable", however in AM26C31 datasheet this isn't mentioned. Moreover, I suspect that I burnt one of the AM26C31 ICs while hot ...
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Why is my Pi Pico resetting from HDMI hotplug (transients question)

Why exactly is my Raspberry Pi Pico (MCU) resetting during HDMI hotplugs with my simple HDMI signal sniffing circuit? Although the solution to this is obvious, I'm curious as to exactly what's ...
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What is the best way of implementing ethernet over a custom pogo pin connector?

I'm designing a custom hot swap connector with pogo pin contacts, similar to that of an electronic camera lens. I am wondering if there are any special considerations I should be taking if I want to ...
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Wall supply Plug-in "noise"

We have had some issues with resonance overshoot from our 10W wall supply to a products LDO. The theory is that this overshoot will destroy the LDO once in a while rendering the product useless. While ...
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Add a passive hardware token using a 3.5mm jack

I have a box that I made for my niece, which allows her to exchange voice messages with me. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi and features two buttons, a LED, a microphone and a speaker. Now, for ...
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circuit for hot-pluggable device

I have a scenario, where device A provides 24V, device B converts 24V to 3.3V and feeds it back to ...
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Noise resilient, hot-pluggable communication bus over long cables?

I'm working on a setup, where we need communication between a master device and several slave microcontrollers distributed out in different boxes connected by "long" cat5e cables (3-10 meters) The ...
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Why does hot plugging blow stuff up, and how to prevent it?

I made the very stupid mistake of hot plugging stuff many times before. My problem is that I rushed and it's just so easy for me to forget I have the Arduino on or some other expensive IC or hardware ...
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How to trigger hot plug detection in HDMI interface?

I'd like to trigger the hot plug detection circuit for one of my graphics card's outputs so that Windows would "think" that it has secondary monitor attached. I know that there is a pin in the HDMI ...
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Disabling DisplayPort hot plug detect

I have a PC with a DisplayPort monitor. When the monitor sleeps or is powered off, the OS loses track of the current display resolution. My research indicates this is probably due to the Hot Plug ...
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