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Hot-swappable battery in series

I'm trying to figure out a circuit to power a robot with multiple BLDC actuators, with two 6-cell LiPo batteries and would need some advice on safety and possible power switching. Please pardon my ...
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Continuous current limiting with hot swap controller

I am using a brushless DC motor which has its own integrated controller (nominal current 4 A at 24 V). To protect the motor, I'm willing to implement some current limiting circuit (e.g. with maximum ...
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Do I need a hot-swap controller?

I'm building a modular 12 VDC system with individual modules that will step the voltage down to 5 V for powering a microcontroller and a grid of LEDs (4.5 A max per module). These modules can be added ...
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Compromising between Inrush and turn on time for MOSFET SOA operation

A hostwap controller as the shown here is used to to precharge and control a high side load: In a hotswap control Q1 will spend some time in the saturation region during start up and turn off to ...
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I2C Hot Swap design and feasibility

I would like to hear if someone has successfully implemented a working connectable/disconnectable I2C interface. I'm working with the back plane (host device) and am looking into implementing a I2C ...
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What does Hot Swappable mean?

new to electronics. I am not quite sure I understand hot-swapping fully. It appears that hot-swapping is when you could replace a device while the system is operating without interruptions; however, ...
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