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Why do the following two ways of measuring op-amp DC offset show different results? [closed]

I tried following two configurations for measuring op-amp offset, which should give the same results by theoretical definition of offset where it is modelled as a voltage source at one of the input ...
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Need clarification regarding op-amp's ground/ reference and common mode dependence on supply

I am confused about several aspects pertaining to op-amp DC biasing and its effects on ground/common mode limits. The more I read about this, the more muddled up I get. I will try to frame my queries ...
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How can you block the parasitic body diode in digital CMOS I/O IC design?

I've been screwing around with IBIS models lately and came across something that left me scratching my head. First, the generic model structure for the semiconductor portions of an IBIS I/O looks ...
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Bode's Method of Feedback Analysis for Multiple Loops

I'm studying Chapter 8.6 of Razavi's Analog IC Design textbook (Bode's Analysis of Feedback Circuits). Bode's method provides a way of simplifying feedback analysis by replacing one dependent source (...
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