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Issues with ICL7660 ICs from eBay - Overheating and Failure

I recently purchased several cheap ICL7660 ICs from eBay to use in an OpAmp circuit. Unfortunately, I've encountered issues with these components, specifically overheating and subsequent failure. Here ...
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Why use a different circuit to create a positive voltage with the ICL7660, rather than running it “upside-down”?

The primary use of the ICL7660 (and it’s many clones/alternatives) is to create a “negative voltage” equal to its input voltage, which it does with minimal external components. However, in my ...
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Charge Pump 9v to 15v?

I need to power a device (it's an analog bucket brigade delay) from a 9v power supply or battery. The device takes 15v. Is there anyway? I have a few 7660s IC chips, if that helps. I've made charge ...
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Negative voltage PWM?

I'm relatively new to EE, sorry if this is newbie territory. With an Arduino, I am trying to emulate a device that outputs NEGATIVE 3.3v PWM (0V or -3.3V, square wave) at around 500 hz. Obviously,...
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2 answers

Package impact on ICL7660

I am using the ICL7660 charge pump IC to generate a -5V supply from a +5V. When using the IC on breadboard with a DIP package (ICL7660CPAZ), with two 10µF electrolytic capacitors, it works perfectly ...
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Dual power supply for Op Amp

We have dual power supply units (+- 12V DC with common GND) at our college lab using which I am able to implement my project (digital thermometer) which uses op amps as shown in the figure. I'm using ...
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2 answers

Can I use MAX232 instead of a ICL7660 to make a split power supply?

For an opAmp rails I need positive and negative voltages i.e. Vcc, Vee. I look for a good IC which is commonly used for creating split power from a single power supply. Many recommends ICL7660. I ...
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