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Can you re-program ATTINY85-20SU when it is already on another board?

The board has components connected the MCU. Is it possible to re-program the MCU if we can take only the required connection out without removing the IC itself? Will the components connected to the ...
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What was the first ICE in-circuit emulator? [closed]

The Wikipedia article on in-circuit emulators has no history section. I didn't have much luck with Google searches either. I'm wondering how far they date back. When was the first in-circuit emulator ...
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Is there a standard way to put compiled code onto a processor embedded in an FPGA?

If you use a standalone microcontroller (ARM/Atmel/PIC etc), you typically (these days) use an in-circuit programmer. Then you can either use a debugger or "crash and burn" methods (probably with a ...
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Can I read EEprom in circuit when connected to a SH7055 MCU?

I am trying to read a microwire 93C66 EEprom which is connected to a Hitachi SH7055 MCU. The device is a complete automotive ECU. I need to be able to do this in circuit. Currently I get an error ...
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ESP8266 ICSP design: which circuit design guidelines to avoid fails/damages?

I'm working on a project which is all on breadboard right now. I'm close to final version, so I'm planning to design PCB for the release (not commercial use, just for some friends of mine). The ...
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Adding a delay to a door alarm?

Hi guys I saw these window/door alarms at the dollar tree that work off a reed switch. When the magnet bar is ...
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How to repeatedly read and write a SMD EEPROM without unsoldering it each time?

I am doing a lot of reverse engineering on SOIC-8 Eeproms in automotive ecus. At the moment it requires unsoldering the chip, read/write, solder the chip back in, test, repeat. Most Eeproms have to ...
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PIC18F25k50 - ICSP programming - do I need to connect MCLR to PICKIT for new device?

Im new in PIC world. I purchased few PIC devices, PicKit 3 and now im working on first circuit. I accidently ordered SSOP package and I can't just test it on breadboard - I have to make PCB. I stuck ...
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AVR reprogramming in circuit wirelessly

What are my options when it comes to reprogramming an AVR in-circuit? The new program will be received via a wireless connection, so it will need to be stored in some temporary memory container. I ...
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Bluegiga BLE112-A: able to program, but unable run see

I tried to get Support from Bluegiga directly, but I didn't get an answer (despite the fact that their Zendesk is nearly unusable): I'm using a BLE112-A on our board: I've been able to flash my ...
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What is In-circuit debugger and In system programmer

On many boards I have found that there is a circuitry called In-circuit debugger and In system programmer. What are these and how they are related to JTAG? I understand JTAG is also a kind of hardware ...
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How can i test a microcontroller circuitry based on software?

Im attempting to write software to test circuits developed on a MSP430f5xx uC. Testing of circuits could be section wise based on the functionality of sections of circuit. I need to ensure the ...
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MCUs programmable by USB or ethernet

The NXP LPC1342 microcontrollers have a built-in bootloader which allows programming the device via usb: The bootloader is triggered by pulling one pin to GND on bootup. The microcontroller then ...
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Is there a standard In Circuit programming connector for LPC chips?

The various LPC microcontroller chips have a boot mode that accepts serial communication and writes the received program to Flash. I want to make a PCB with and LPC1114 that must be programmed in ...
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CPU in circuit emulator

Idea: Run a 68000 emulator on a PC, and connect the PC to an existing 68000 system, replacing the CPU with a ribbon cable going to the PC. I realize the emulation would not be cycle exact, but that ...
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What is the functional difference between an in-circuit-debugger and an in-circuit emulator?

In-circuit emulators (abbreviated ICE) boast about their awesome debugging features, and also boast high price tags. In-circuit debuggers (abbreviated ICD) can do most of the stuff that an ICE can ...
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What is a good way to in-circuit update the program on a SyncMOS 5964?

I want something that can re-program a PQFP SyncMOS SM5964 chip already soldered to the target circuit board. I picture a ribbon cable that I plug between some sort of 2x8 or so header connector ...
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AVR debugwire in Linux

So, I have hooked up a ATtiny88, and am programming it with the Dragon AVR using ISP. I have also set up the build toolchain, using avrdude, and the gnu avr tools. Everything is working great. Now I ...
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