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Questions tagged [ina219]

A 26 V, 12-bit, zero drift, bidirectional current/voltage/power monitor integrated circuit with I2C output from Texas Instruments. Consider using this tag in conjunction with "integrated-circuit" and "i2c" if applicable.

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Dfrobot INA219 incorrect reading open circuit voltage

So this sensor is a part of my MPPT project recently i built. This sensor is only making incorrect reading/measuring when i use dfrobot_ina219 library. If i use Adafruit library, then it can read ...
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Monitoring Power/Connection status with INA219 and Arduino

Hey all I am looking to monitor the voltage/plugged in of a USB-C device. I am using the INA219 to monitor the voltage using the I2C (SDA/SCL) lines to my Arduino (not shown in the schematic). I just ...
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Connection with INA219 Current sensor

I want to measure the current at point A. This is a constant current circuit driving a laser. But to connect it with INA219, how can I connect it to my circuit? Option 1: Do I need a shunt resistor in ...
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INA219 to measure battery voltage

I want to measure the voltage of batteries. I am using an INA219 powered by an Arduino MKRWAN 1300. I have connected the INA219 to the MKRWAN as seen in the image below: However, I seem to have a ...
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Can I use an INA219 to measure the load while using a solar panel?

I am using a a solar panel connected to this solar power manager. On the output (5 V) I will connect a circuit with an Arduino, sensors, and an INA219 on a breakout board to measure the total load ...
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INA219 load voltage stuck at 1 V

I’m using an INA219 and I’m trying to take a reading of voltage and current. When I’m looking at the current reading, it looks perfectly fine, however, the load voltage remains the same and it is ...
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INA219- I2c bus weird behavior

I have a PCB assembly where I built the circuit in the schematic below. I did not start programming yet. I'm getting the weirdest problem. When I check the voltages in the SDA and SCL lines (which ...
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No current changes using INA219 to reading industrial sensor

I intended to use the INA219 chip to read the 4-20 mA current loop of the industrial sensor for the automation project. the sensor voltage is 12 V, my first schematic was as follows: The ground of ...
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Weird readings with INA219 Current/volt sensor, Arduino and big, fat scary Lipo

I have a strange situation with an I2C INA219 current/volt meter module (datasheet). In front of me, I have a rather scary 16.8V lipo - its positive output is on the VIN+ of the INA219. The VIN- leads ...
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How does the INA219 get 15 bits with a 12 bit ADC and no oversampling?

I'm working the INA219 and reading it's datasheet and I have a doubt. I'm working with 1 sample of 12 bits (no oversampling). The shunt voltage register has 15 bits plus sign when the PGA is ...
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Current sensor problem

I'm using INA219 to read the hold system current like the schematic The problem line in the DC-DC converter. When I use IC MP2315 DC-DC converter, INA219 seem like just read the off period of PWM ...
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Sensor output current vs voltage reading options for accuracy

I am trying to choose between two sensor output types. Either 0-10V or 4-20mA. I am using the INA219B to measure current right now but I am wondering if getting a different output sensor would be more ...
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PCB design for MAX31865+INA219

I'm designing a PCB for a device, which will contain the following functional blocks: 12V power input with SCR crowbar, reverse polarity protection, soft-start, and 3.3V linear regulator. Regulator ...
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INA219 current sensor allowing only 300mA of current between its VIN+ and VIN- terminals. Why?

I'm building an Arduino circuit to detect/limit the maximum charging current to a camera flash. I decided to use an INA219 breakaout board, which comes with a R100 resistor as a shunt so it should ...
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INA219 Voltage measurements meaning

I have a battery holder, 3 x 1.5V AA, connected to a resistor (100 Ohm or close), LED and Adafruit INA219 breakout board. The bus voltage reading from the INA219 reports 1.0V. Where does this number ...
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INA219 high current measurements for my autonomous boat?

I'm building an autonomous boat which will contain solar panels for its energy needs. The current prototype contains a 20W solar panel. All the electronics work great so it's time to scale up. The ...
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INA219 current sensor not working properly with DC motor

I use INA219 module to read DC motor current for control propose. I connect INA219 in series with motor as shown in schematic. simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab The ...
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