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Fusion algorthm: how many DoF for the gyroscope?

The gyro data output will be fed to an Extended Kalman Filter and fused with data output from an accelerometer. my goal is to measure tilt angle over one axis. Do I need a 3 DoF gyro or will a 1 DoF ...
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My turtle keeps flipping over [closed]

I have a pet turtle that keeps flipping over in her aquarium. As a turtle can die if they are upside down too long, I am thinking of creating a simple, self contained position sensor to her back to ...
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ADXL 335, lack of resolution for short angle inclination?

I am currently working on a project where I would like to measure X/Y inclinations changes, without worrying too much about the acceleration. I decided to use ADXL335 accelerometers in order to ...
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Compensating for Accelerometer Cross-Axis Sensitivity

For my inclinometer application, I use an integrated 3-D accelerometer chip that outputs analog voltage. Before I deploy my device, I submit it collect a bunch of samples with different temperature ...
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calculating inclination using accelerometer?

i have an analogue devices ADXL203 accelerometer on a breadout board and was wanting to use this to measure the inclination of some equipment at a reasonably high frequency (20-30 Hz). i am hooking ...
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