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Isolation of a power lane (for industrial digital input card)

I'm working on a project where I need to retrieve some data from sensors in an industrial environment. For this we have a carrier board that is powered with 24V and generates 5 and 3.3 voltages to ...
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0 answers

Power Converter Control Platform for Commercial Use

I'm designing a power converter for commercial use and I've been struggling to find a control platform that meets the typical industrial standards and can be used to do the control of the whole device....
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Robotic tool changer functionality

Have you any idea how is a changeable end-of-arm tool powered when is interfaced with an ATI tool changer or something similar ? My first thought is that on both sides of parts is a F/M connectors ...
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Buck, Boost..etc Is there always an IC for that?

First of all I am still in school so perhaps I have not been exposed to material that may answer this question for me. I have recently become interested in power electronics. I have purchased a book ...
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