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I need some help to identify this component

I require assistance in locating this component, which bears the designation EK 67, as evident in the accompanying image. The challenge lies in my inability to procure its datasheet, thereby impeding ...
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I need a way to use analog electronic components to invert an irregular wave [closed]

I am doing a personal project wherein I am using an EMG sensor on my muscles, amplifying the output, and then running it to a lead on a motor. What I can't figure out is how to invert the irregular ...
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Are there any fields in EE that overlap with Quantum informatics/computing nowadays? [closed]

As I understand it, research in quantum information and computing has traditionally been confined to physics and applied physics/math departments. It seems to me that many of the practical challenges ...
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Why is Line coding called "Line coding"?

Why is line coding also called digital base band modulation named "line coding" where does it come? and how is the name it to modulation
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General relation between size and maximal transmission distance of a transmitter

Suppose I want to build a transmitter to send detectable signals to receivers far away and still want the transmitter is be small. Is this in general possible? Namely, how would the size of critical ...
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How are encoding and decoding different processes from compression and decompression?

In a textbook that I'm reading, it mentioned the following dynamical processes that arise in information theory: "compression, decompression, noise, encoding and decoding error-correcting codes&...
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Crystal Oscillator

What are the markings mean on this crystal that I found on a motherboard? Thanks.
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Need help with this Huffman coding question

If suppose there are messages m1,m2,m3,m4,m5 with probabilities 0.4, 0.21, 0.18, 0.14 and 0.07. We need to find Huffman encoded output for message sequence m3 m6 m5 m1 m1 m4 m2 m1 m2. I have solved ...
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Metal detector circuit description

I found a circuit for this metal detector and would like to make PCB. I can not find anything about this circuit. Maybe someone would know what this circuit is. What are the best component housings to ...
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Reverse engineering random camera module from mobile devices

I have A camera module I believe either from a tablet or a cell phone and I want to know where to find information on the serial pin out or on how to read the ribbon of the camera
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What is the derivation of the Shannon-Hartley theorem? [closed]

I know by Hartley's theorem that information is proportional to bandwidth and time. The capacity corresponds to information and bandwidth is there. I don't get how the logarithmic part corresponds to ...
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How do I learn about RFID families [closed]

I recently got a parallax RFID reader. The documentation says that it only works with the EM4100 family of RFID tags. So I tried looking it up and can’t seem to find any sort of resource explaining ...
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Shift Registers for generating codes

can you explain me in simple words how does a linear feedback shift register work for generating a code? Consider for instance this scheme: If I have understood it correctly, each block is a D Flip ...
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Why is information not doubled in this context? [closed]

Regarding the following section from a text: Why is information not doubled but increased 4/3 times? Can you give an example to clarify what is meant here? What is meant by information here?
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