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STM32F4 PLC Integer Calculation vs Float Calculation

I am using a PLC that uses a STM32F4 as its processor. The PLC software has Integer and Float calculation commands. When I work with floating point numbers I usually try to use integer calculations ...
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My itoa (c++)conversion has a problem

I am receiving a string of data via UART in PIC32, extracting and concatenating two of its bytes, dividing the result by 2, converting the resulting integer to a string and transmitting via i2c to ...
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Subtracter with VHDL

I have this: ...
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VHDL - big difference in schematics between integer with and without range

I just discovered something that I would like some expert to comment on. CODE EXAMPLE A: ...
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VHDL unranged integer input ports bad practice?

I'm designing a customizeable interpolation filter and I'm looking for the best way to pass the coefficients (rather supporting points) to the filter. Below you see the current implementation. ...
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PIC assembly: express integer constant as string at build time

One of my engineers came to me with a question that I can't answer. This is for a project using a PIC16F controller, all written in assembler. He is defining a constant that he wants his program to ...
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