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Dangers of local oscillator signal being stronger than radio frequency signal in mixer

Recently as an interview question for an RF engineer job, I was asked the following question. What are the dangers of having a local oscillator power level much higher than that of the RF power level ...
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Using a latch vs an AND gate to reduce switching activity in a low power VLSI design

Here is a problem that pops in low power design interview questions. The solution is the second picture down. Why not use AND gates in place of the D-Latch? The person who created the solution did not ...
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Who can help with this please? [closed]

[![enter image description her Im looking for answer for this please help me to find out,Thank you
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How to approach digital electronics questions [closed]

I have an interview to a board design position, and I assume I'll be asked about digital electronics, so I'm reviewing some of the material by searching for questions online. I'm seeing questions ...
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What would an Electrical Engineer do at a Copper Fab business? [closed]

I am going to interview soon at a Copper Fab business. They found my resume and called me for an interview later this week. He said that there might be some synergy between his business and electrical ...
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Interview Question, what's limiting the output frequency for the FPGA circuit?

I recently received a question in an interview that partially stumped me. It went something like this: You have an FPGA circuit that is supposed to be generating a signal with a frequency of 500MHz, ...
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Interview question, testing a sorting network

Here is a question that I stumbled upon: MinMax2 is a component with 2 inputs, A and B, and 2 outputs, Max and Min. ...
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