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Questions tagged [ip67]

For question about enclosures and components rated to IP67, which specifies total protection against dust and immersion in liquid between 15 cm and 1 meter.

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2 answers

Battery disconnect strip alternative to maintain IP67?

I am working on an IP67 device that contains 3 AAA lithium batteries. The device casework is a 2-piece, hard plastic clamshell with a rubber gasket (think 1/32" O-ring type material) between the ...
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3 answers

IP64 PCB connectors to avoid wirings

To minimize the costs for wiring an electronic enclosure, often designers put connectors at the edge of the PCB, that fit in slots made on the enclosure walls. The most common example is a mini PC: ...
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Moisture Trapped in IP66 Enclosure

I got a field report of a product which is sealed in an IP66 aluminum die cast body. it was observed that water/moisture had condensed inside the enclosure over and over and creating some white marks ...
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3 answers

How do I make my electrical enclosure waterproof, what type of connectors I use?

We are designing this meter which will monitor house hold consumption. The problem that I am facing right now for days and weeks now, how do I make the meter water proof. I have tried everything but ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Tactile switches to meet EMC standards and IP67

I'm designing a handheld device that has just a few buttons that will make some configuration changes. (Very much like a game controller) I'm currently making a set of 3 prototypes - a production run ...
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6 answers

Waterproof pressure sensor

I'm designing an equipment that will be in a rural area exposed to heavy rains. I already got an IP67 rated enclosure with IP67 connectors and it's working as expected. I need to measure the ambient ...
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2 answers

Waterproofing USB port

Recently Samsung came out with the new Galaxy and Edge phones which are advertised as IP68 rated.The mircro USB ports on these phones are completely exposed, yet are still IP68 rated. My question is, ...
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1 answer

Air Circulation inside waterproof IP67 enclosure

We are using an SHT15 sensor + Arduino to measure relative humidity. The electronics is supposed to operate in a very high Relative humidity (~ 70 - 80) and wet conditions. To protect the electronics ...
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Waterproof power connections

I need light up about 960 square feet of translucent flooring from below. It's an outdoor installation, so it needs to be waterproof. Further, it has to be done in a matter of just a few weeks, and, ...
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