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Questions related to charging and interfacing with the Apple iPad series of tablet computers.

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New Idea: On/Off Remote for iPad - but iPad can't boot! Suspect SENSE

I am installing a mini remote controlled switch in the iPad 8th Gen. The ideas is to be able to cut the power to the iPad at the battery using a remote control. 1st attempt: I wired up the remote ...
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Charging cells within a defective iPad Pro 9.7'' (A1674) having defective charging port

I have an iPad Pro 9.7'', model A1674, that refuses to start. (see pictures 1 and 2 below) Usually Li-Ion cells deliver around 3.7V and can be charged up to 4.2V. The incriptions on the battery show 3....
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Emulate Li-ion battery using a charger

I bought an iPad with dead battery (it’s bulged). When I connect it to a charger, the only result is a boot loop (Apple logo, blink, Apple logo, blink…). I want to use it as a kind of picture frame, ...
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Figuring out the protocol of an SPI device without a datasheet

I am pondering about interfacing with the iPad Mini 2 touch panel. It seems that no one has successfully done this and/or published anything about it, so I want to take a stab at it. As far as I ...
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How does the iPad not electrocute people without grounding?

I've noticed for a while that my iPad had a tingling sensation when I brushed my hand along the back of the casing. I found out today that it was because the charger is not grounded, and this was ...
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How do I wire a Shure WL 185 to to iPhone or iPad?

I have this old but very nice mic. Old days I recorded audio to the camera or recorder. Nowadays I record to iPhone so I do not have extra recording device and cameras are action cameras usually ...
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On an Apple 12W USB Charger, how are the D+ and D- lines configured?

I'm looking for the voltages on the D+ and D- lines of an Apple 12W charger that corresponds to the 2.4 A output.
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4 iPad Air charging circuit indicator led not working

I developed this circuit in order for it to be connected to 4 ipads at the same time the current they use to charge when they are on low battery goes around 1.8Amps, That its working as intended, ...
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apple ipad / ipod lightning connector dock

I am developing a product that needs to plug a dock in to the lightning connector of current ipads and ipods. The dock needs to simultaneously pass a charge to the device and monitor the activity ...
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Fast sensor readings

I am developing a data logger for use in high schools like ( ). The main difference is that mine is primary supposed to be used with an iPad. I have a connection between a micro ...
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iPad Doc connector: is it possible to using the camera connection kit while charging the ipad

I'm building a touch screen kiosk using an iPad and a USB BarCode Scanner (through the camera connection kit). the problem: The pinout here shows the USB pin that the scanner would connect to. ...
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Is possible to use Ipad touch screen with PIC16F707 MCU for DIY ?

I'm developing a project that I would like to use the Ipad capacitive touchscreen(digitizer) with mTouch controller PIC16F707 but by now I have no clue about the specifications of Ipad touch screen. I ...
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Ipad charging via usb port

Ipad doesn't charge while in use and connected to the usb port. It definitely charges when connected to the supplied 10 watt power adapter. The USB port, as far as I know, supplies 5 watts. Can we ...
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iCade - making it a reality

So I want to make my own version of the iCade Any thoughts on how I go about doing the hardware side? Has anyone done an unofficial version of this? I'm thinking a combination of: Concave Button ...
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