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Turning a microwave transformer into an electromagnet

So I want to turn a microwave transformer into an electromagnet. I've already harvested the transformer, cut through the welds, and removed the coils. I want to know where to position the one coil ...
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Core iron barely boosting field strength

I am a chemistry intern currently running a project that involves both chemistry and electromagnetism. Bottom line, I'm a little out of my depth and have much to learn, and I'm having a bit of trouble ...
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need help with inductor RLC circuit

I found a mediocre source that kind of helps me. I want to find the magnetic permeability of an inductor core based on changes to the rlc circuit. The source I found is here:
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How is the holding force of this electromagnet so large?

I am designing a system that uses the magnetic force to fix an object in its place. I plan to connect an I-core to my object and fix it to a fixed C-core by letting a magnetic flux flow through both ...
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Does operating an iron core near its saturation field reduce performance?

I am sizing an iron core for an electromagnet, and I am uncertain if there are disadvantages to operating close to the saturation flux density. If the saturation field is X, would it be better (more ...
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Clone 862D+ soldering iron heating element

I purchased an ebay 862D+ rework station in 2017 and it has worked great. Recently I broke the ceramic on the heating element but did not break the element itself so I was able to get ohm readings ...
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Jiles Atherton magnetic model for iron powder cores

I am currently designing several SMPS in LTspice. I am using the excellent work of Mr Bordodynov to model ferrite transformers. The Bordodynov Ltspice examples include a dataset for the JA model for ...
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Purpose of soft iron in a permanent magnet moving coil instrument

Why is the coil in a permanent magnet moving coil (PMMC) instrument wound on a soft iron core, even though we are dealing with direct current? Is it to avoid sudden increases in current, or because ...
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Does an iron nickel core work at high frequencies?

I have a toroidal Iron nickel core, which upon research I found was used in an amplifier transformer, I couldn't get much info in it but I want to know if I can use it in a boost or buck converter ...
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Inductance of air core coil decreasing due to ferromagnetic object put in it?

I have built a Colpitts oscillator which you can see in the schematic below. Note that the values for R1 and L2 are not correct since I use a self-wound air core coil for L2 which means I can only ...
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Where to purchase the iron core for an electromagnet?

I want to build a strong elctromagnet. The design is very intuitive and simple, shown in the above figure. The metal core is in a cylindrical shape. The current design is 100 turns and 30 Ampere, with ...
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Shape of a core for use in a solenoid

I am currently designing an electromagnetic accelerator meant to accelerate a spherical nickel-plated NdFeB (neodymium) projectile along a circular tube, in a similar manner to a particle accelerator. ...
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Ferrite vs. iron powder toroid for buck converters?

I'm wondering about the difference between small (13 mm outer diameter) ferrite and the yellow white iron powder toroids. Will the ferrite toroids saturate at 5 A current? I'm planning on using ...
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Why there is welding on some iron transformers' core?

(This photo isn't mine!) Why there is welding on some iron transformers' core? is it only for holding the laminations together? edit can we repair or rewind this kind of transformers?
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Excessive temperature on cheap soldering iron - will series capacitor fix it?

Soldering iron came in a $14 USD kit off eBay. Lots of neat stuff, but the iron became so hot as to badly damage a DIY Kit. After a 2nd chance w/ the same results, it was hacked, Heating element of ...
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Coils! Does the material used matter?

I've been making some coils with wires and I find out that sometimes they work and sometimes they don't work at all, the inside of those that don't work are some what more "silver-ish", more "metal-...
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