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Simplest way to isolate MOSFET from MCU

I want to switch a 220 V AC motor which is an inductive load with a relay which is controlled by an MCU. I've taken precautions for arcing with a TVS diode on the contacts side, but I still want to go ...
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Why is the insulator missing for one of the transmission lines?

Why is the insulator missing for one of the transmission lines? Apart from the top line (earth) I would assume that all the other lines need an insulator. It's the same for the next poles. This is in ...
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4 answers

Isolation on RS232 bus

Is there any "simple" way to get (1500V) galvanic isolation on RS232 (just RX and TX)? By isolating, I mean than I have 2 different grounds on each side of the insulation barrier. On side A, ...
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Many (100) isolated slaves in SPI bus with 10 m cable

I am designing a device where 100 slaves are connected to a master with SPI bus and the bus must be isolated on each node. Speed requirement is 1 MHz and cables are fairly short (about 10 cm between ...
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Signal reference with common-mode filter on the power lines

What is the recommended way to handle the following situation regarding the control signals? Since the ground is separated with a common-mode choke between the source and the destination I'm thinking ...
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Reading a voltage with isolation

I need to measure a voltage on a power rail without connecting ground between power rail and my measuring ground reference. I want to create something like an isolated amplifier but with a much ...
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USB isolated HUB : USB Data In series component identification

What is this IC/component (L17) that is in series with the USB 2.0 D+, D- data lines? The PCB is a Isolated industrial graded USB hub. (Only its upstream is isolated). Each downstream port has a ...
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Issue from my buck/boost converter

After my simulation, I am getting this in my output, which does not look good at all. I find it difficult to find a spice model for DC/DC isolator that can give me a positive, negative supply, and ...
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Q: 4 Channel Optocoupler to convert auto 12V signal to 5V Arduino

I'm trying to connect an Arduino to my car. I'm planning on using the switched 12V (potentially 11V to 14.4V) car system as inputs into the Arduino. The Arduino will be running on 5V, provided by a ...
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How should I troubleshoot this isolated current loop?

I'm using the ADUM5211 Isolater and ADA4528-2 Dual Op-Amp to make an isolated current loop with range of 0 - 20 mA. My circuit is below. Unfortunately, when I apply 5V to the 5V0 net and 0V to the ...
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Problem with digital isolator and ESP32

I'm working in a proyect that requires that all external connections (in my case, everything related to the USB) to be isolated from the rest of the circuit. I came up with this circuit using the ...
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USB 2.0 480 Mbps and USB3.0 5 Gbps galvanic isolation

For my project I'm searching for chips specialized in USB galvanic isolation. It looks like there is no real product on the market. I found Silanna and AdvancedPhotonics that respectivly have products ...
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Do we need isolator after power amplifier in a microwave circuit?

I have been researching on the experimental setup for pulsed ESR. The setup consists of a microwave transmitter and a microwave receiver. I found that most setups use an isolator after the power ...
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Automation Control Cabinet Isolation

I`m designing a control cabinet with a 60A output demand for heaters. The on/off switching of the heater will be done through a 24V/80A contactor(relay). The customer wants the main switch on the door....
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