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Jetson Xavier USB HUB design

I created a custom carrier board for jetson xavier. In that i added one USB 2.0 HUB. So can i take one USB 2.0 Pair from HUB and other RX and TX connections directly from Jetson and make a USB 3.0 ...
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IR LEDs draw too little current

I am trying to set up a simple circuit using the GPIO pins of the Jetson Xavier NX devkit. I am using the 5V pin #2 to power a circuit with two IR LEDs connected in series. I've noticed that the LEDs ...
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NVIDIA Jetson custom carrier board does not booting when PCIE device is attached. How can I track the problem?

I have designed an custom NVIDIA Jetson carrier board based on P3449-B01 Jetson Nano Carrier Board reference design by NVIDIA. The carrier board is working fine, the linux is booting up, however when ...
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ULN2003 relay driver (recurring problem)

There are seven relays on the board and a ULN2003 relay driver to control these relays. The BCM pins to the relay driver are marked in yellow below. BCM pins are IO pins from Jetson Nano Development ...
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Why is the push button state taking too long to in the program?

I wired up the circuit using a pull down resistor of 10KOhm according the schematic provided. I'm using Jetson Nano (MCU).The push button (DF Robot PB) has three wires, +ve,-ve, and signal, pin 1,pin ...
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RMS Current calculation from MCP3008

How to find RMS value of current from ADC value gets from CT??? . I have done like below Made a burden resistor and voltage divider circuit for CT MCP3008 connected with Jetson through SPI 5V to VDD ...
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Custom Jetson Nano Carrier Board 4A trace width connections

Hi I'm designing a custom Jetson Nano Carrier Board according to Jetson_Nano_Carrier_Board_OrCAD_Schematics file. And as may you know, from DC Jack you can supply 5V 4A to the board. The problem is, ...
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MODBUS RTU reading on Jetson Nano over RS485

I'm trying to implement Modbus reading on Jetson Nano (Linux - Ubuntu operation system).System include 3 part: -MODBUS device which I would like to achieve input registers. --> Krohne Signal ...
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HDMI for Jetson Nano contradictions in guides

For my drone, I want to develop a custom Jetson carrier board with minimal required interfaces. For quick debugging, I would like to add an HDMI port on the PCB. However, I’m not familiar with HDMI ...
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How to place the jumpers on Xavier NX to put it in Force Recovery mode?

I am trying to flash a new Xavier NX kit using SDK Manager and I need to put it in Force Recovery mode for the SDK Manager to recognize it. From these instructions, it is mentioned to 'place a jumper ...
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Can I operate TLC5947 24-Channel, 12-Bit PWM LED Driver by just manipulating GPIO pins on Jetson Nano?

It is often written that Neopixels are not directly controllable by manipulating GPIO pins on SBCs because the precise timings cannot be met, especially when from user space. I need somehow to drive ...
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