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How to connect the transformer in this three-tube DC regenerative shortwave radio from aliexpress?

I've bought a three-tube DC regenerative shortwave radio on Ali-Express/China just to try building. As far as I can tell all the parts are here except for one thing. A schematic. Has anyone tried ...
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Changing the pre-amplifier gain

I want to change the gain of this pre-ampilifier I assemvled from a kit. If change the value of resistor R1 or R4, should I then change the values ​​of other elements? I'm thinking about changing R1 ...
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What are the prerequisites to understand how FPGA Zboard works?

I have a computer science background. For my intern purpose I need to work with FPGA Zboard. I don't have any idea how it works. I have some knowledge on logic gates, not more than that. It will be ...
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Can somebody please explain the antenna and mixer stage of this AM superheterodyne receiver?

This is from an Elenco AM/FM superheterodyne radio receiver kit. The shown area is the AM antenna and mixer stage. The wire leading from the top right corner is Vcc. Q7 simultaneously oscillates ...
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PIC Breadboard Circuit Question

Noob question inbound: I'm getting into PIC programming, and I'm using a kit to build a microcontroller setup on a breadboard. Following the instructions here:
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Circuit completes whether base current applied or not - transistor

My fourth electronics project ever. The most challenging yet. I've wired up this project (Project 4 - Short Circuits project kit Jaycar Electronics). After much research, it doesn't do what I ...
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K018A DIY Kit 200V 500W Light-Dimmer Module - will it work w/ 120v or is modification required?

K018A DIY Kit 200V 500W Light-Dimmer Module - will it work w/ 120v 60Hz? Or does it require modification to do so? Bought this DIY Kit for further practice with my soldering iron, and also to tone ...
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Electronic Temperature Control Sound Light Alarm DIY Kit - how does it work

I bought a DIY Kit off ebay (the board says ICSK061A), and lo an behold, it does not work. I could not figure out what the trouble was, so i simulated it in LTSpice, but i got no ...
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Why led turning on when switch is low in pic starter kit?

I have a PIC starter kit. I am doing a simple program of turning on led when switch is pressed and then turning them off when switch is released like following: ...
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What soldering kit for tiny electronics? [duplicate]

This is a my first foray into building electronics. I am building a project that uses chip/SMD LEDs and resistors. What type of soldering kit should I be using for those devices?
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Modifying a digital LED thermometer kit to drive larger 4" 7-segment LEDs?

I'm interested in building an LED digital thermometer with 3 or 4 large 4"/100mm 7-segment LED display digits (for example, Kingbright SA40-19EWA). There are plenty of kits available which come with ...
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How to protect an electronic construction kit (a toy) from damages?

As I child, I had this electronic construction kit called Elektronik 1. It was manufactured in former Czechoslovakia, based on resistors, diodes, BJT transistors, capacitors, an LW+SW radio antenna ...
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microcontrollers to start with [closed]

I am a beginner in electronics, till now i understand basics of electronics and worked upon 8085 & arduino only, now i want to enhance my practical skills by working upon some more microprocessor/...
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Problem with a nixie clock

I bought this nixie clock kit and it is partially working. One of the issues I'm having is that the 6th hour does not light up so if the clock is at 06:00:00 to <...
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7805 vs. 78L05 voltage regulators

I ordered a kit that is missing its 78L05. Can I substitute a 7805, or would I need to also adjust the cap values? Here is the entire schematic. Here is the voltage regulation portion of the ...
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Chipkit compatibility with Arduino

I am looking at the Digilent Chipkit boards. What compatibility issues have any of you run across? There are too many weasel words in the descriptions... Compatible with many existing Arduino™ code ...
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Want to build an ethernet-connected USB or battery powered piezo alarm gizmo -- what's a good kit?

The device is supposed to beep loudly if the network is down, a particular port on an Internet host doesn't respond or a socket connection is made on a specific local port. Is an Arduino Ethernet ...
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Looking for a *fun* way to introduce basic electronics to my kids [closed]

We recently came across this video: and both my six year old and 13 year old thought it was pretty cool. I am a computer programmer, ...
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Can I purchase an MIT 6.270 kit anywhere? If not are there alternatives?

When I was in High School I used to work with the MIT 6.270 Robotics Kits in a Robotics class I both took and then later was a TA for. I loved those kits, they had an embedded controller you could ...
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What 'cool' things can you build as a parent and child activity?

I would like to have a list on things a parent could build with his or her child? The things should be considered 'cool', fun and not be too advanced (the child should be able to help out and be able ...
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SMT "starter" packs [closed]

I've found a number of "starter pack" suggestions for generic packs of items, but my ask is a little more specific. I am a (reasonably) experienced through-hole kit assembler, and can see some time ...
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FPGA development kit for beginners , Spartan6 or Spartan3?

I intend to purchase an FPGA, development kit and I have looked at both the Xilinx and Digilent website. Both seem to have good development kits. I have never worked with FPGA's before but have some ...
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"Starter Kit for electronics" - What to buy?

I'm going to buy some things for back to the electronic world. Starting with an Resistor Assorted Kit. Need to buy some kits containing the most common capacitors and transistors... what to buy??? [...
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Where can I get a microcontroller board for TI Stellaris?

I'm Looking at using one of the TI ARM chips (see list below) and I'm wondering what I should be looking for to do experiments with, the computer equivalent of breadboarding. I've seen Development ...
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7 answers

Is there any kit for android development?

Is there any kit or board on which I can test out customized android os?
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Are the specs for the "Ears of the World" challenge reasonable?

I saw a post today on the Make blog about a challenge to create an extremely cheap FM/SW radio kit for developing nations. The organization sponsoring the challenge distributes donated wind-up powered ...
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3 answers

Source for small Touch-Panels? [closed]

Is there a company that will sell me a touch panel similar to the IPhone or IPad surface, in single quantities, complete with a Developer Kit? Can I get it in a specific form-factor (say, 2x7 inches)?...
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What are the Best Starter Supply Kits? [closed]

I am just getting started out learning electronics and I keep finding myself having to order capacitors and transistors and other parts for simple projects. What are the best starter sets for a ...
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Best Electronic Kits

I would like to compile a list of all the best electronics Kits you have come across. "Best" can be because you learnt something from them found them very satisfying had something very cool at ...
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Good easy soldering projects like Bristlebots? [closed]

What are some good projects to give to beginners? I want something that involves some soldering, and ideally has some room for creativity. For example, with Bristlebots, everyone can get their own ...
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Beginner 8051 microcontroller kit recommendation?

I'm reposting this from stackoverflow, as the question is better suited here. I'm a first year Computer Science student looking to get started with development for micro-controllers. I'd like to use ...
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Personal electronics tool kit

What are the items you have in your personal electronics tool kit?
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How to choose an FPGA?

I need to do digital signal processing on 8 analog lines at 10 kHz. This is quite a demanding task, and I was thinking that an FPGA might be the right approach. I am currently looking at dev kits ...
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microsoft robotics: cheap but very extensible robot?

Is there any cheap and very extensible robot kit, which can work with Microsoft Robotics? I want to have a great choice of cool parts for a robot to buy :) If where is no such robot kit which can ...
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