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Use for questions related to ladder diagrams or ladder logic, this is a graphic rule-based language. This is a traditional documentation method for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and it represents the connection of physical relays to implement the desired functionality.

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How to convert this ladder logic to Sequential Function Chart

I am doing an assignment where I need to create an office management system that takes care of security, lighting, and heating on its own. It is required for us to make it in the sequential function ...
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Delay in turning on two different start buttons in Star/Delta starter on PLC

Currently I'm working on a university project based on Star/Delta Starter on PLC. I wrote program using LD, that switches on the circuit with a motor rotating forward (of course with star/delta ...
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How to setup two different inputs to one output

Good morning. I am hoping to get some insight on a setup I am working on. Current setup: 24V system. An area sensor when flagged by hand does two things. First, it sends a signal to the network that ...
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I keep getting this error but don't know why "Invalid input. - input required but omitted"

Please help me by checking if my program is correct or giving the correct ladder program. I keep getting "Invalid input. - input required but omitted" this error for all the variables in ...
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Controlling multiple switches using voltage

I want to use my laptop with the lid closed and be able to press its function buttons (including power on/off), i.e. shorting their pins, using a wired "remote control" with the same amount ...
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Notation for switches in ladder notation

I was reading, and at the bottom of the page it has I read their page on switch notation, but it did not say what ...
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