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The Launchpad is a development kit for the MSP430/MSP432 Value Line microcontrollers designed by Texas Instruments. Can also refer to the other Launchpads which all share the same form factor. (MSP430F5x USB mcus, Stellaris/Tiva Arm mcus, C2000 Piccolo mcus, Hercules Arm mcus)

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Debugging initialization of LCD with NT7605 driver

I've been trying to get my LCD initialized for about a week now, and am quite embarrassed to say that I've been unsuccessful thus far. I've done this in the past, and I remember it being a little ...
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How to programm a standalone MSP430g2553 via a com port?

The MSP430 is a dirt cheap MCU and i thought that if i could make a barebone launchpad out of that which can be programed directly via the PC COM port or a virtual one. So is it possible to program it ...
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