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Lead-acid uninterruptible power supply safety [closed]

I use a UPS (Cyber Power, this one) that secures my PC from short blackouts. It is located on the floor in my home office. When recently my kids were playing next to it, I started to ask myself if it'...
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Breathed in lead-free solder fumes, should I be worried? [duplicate]

A few weeks back I was being a moron and decided to solder something with lead-free solder. I didn't have any experience soldering so I assumed lead-free solder was harmless, and I breathed in loads ...
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Lead free solder latest technology?

Back when I was working in a electronics company in 2004, we had a new directive coming in - RoHS. Since then, we were forced to use lead free solder. I understand the dangers of lead poisoning, but ...
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How hazardous is simply handling leaded solder?

I'm a beginning hobbyist with a pregnant wife, which makes me nervous about lead. I have a breakout board that is RoHS-non-compliant, very likely containing leaded solder. How worried should I be ...
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BGA reballing and reflowing, how to actually repair dead GPU chips?

To my understanding BGA reflowing is a technique which aims to reconnect bad solder joints on a BGA chip, BGA reballing is a technique to desolder and then resolder a BGA chip both aim to do the same ...
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Can leaded BGA chips be reflow soldered with lead-free process?

We have a board with two BGA chips. Due to the current shortage of many parts, one of the chips is next-to-impossible to find; except that we found a supplier with a good stock of the non-RoHS / ...
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Soldering Iron Temperature for Lead Free Solder (Sn99.3%, Cu0.7%)

Recently I bought this lead free solder (Sn99.3%, Cu0.7%), D0.6mm. I have seen many suggest at least 350°C for soldering iron. But I tried at around 225°C (between 200°C - 250°C), the solder still ...
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How can I prevent lead free solder from ruining my soldering iron tip? Can I re-tin my tips?

I have been using a Weller WLC 100 for about 10 years, and I have always used this conical tip from Apex Tool Group:
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What do these two icons mean?

Left one - "no plumbum/lead" Right one - "triangular invert color no picking by hand" (found on BeagleBone Green)
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Resistors with lead-free coating

I know it is bad to solder lead-free devices, such as resistors, with lead. However, is it possible (with less effort) to remove this lead-free coating on the resistors to make it possible to solder ...
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Lead/Ball Finish on TI parts

I will be using the TMP117 in a design I'm working on, and was a bit curious to what the difference is between the different Lead/Ball finishes listed in the datasheet? There's a choice between ...
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How to switch a leaded solder soldering station over to lead free solder

I have a soldering station which used leaded solder. I now want to switch over to lead free solder and as such I want to clean the tip. How can I clean the tip of the soldering iron such that I can ...
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Transitioning to lead-free reflow and soldering

I have recently been thinking about moving to a lead-free process for my production and though I've been reading up, I was hoping someone more knowledgable than me would be able to point me in the ...
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Why does solder smell of incense? [closed]

Sorry for the general nature of this question. But I have always asked myself what makes solder fumes smell of incense.
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Optimal soldering iron specs for lead-free

I do most of my soldering with/directing children and so we always using lead-free solder (and thru hole and nothing too complicated). I have a soldering iron station that has two settings, 20W &...
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What's the advantage of lead-free solder containing silver?

I'm looking to buy some lead-free solder. There appears to be two different kinds available, tin-copper alloys and tin-copper-silver alloys. What advantage does the latter have, as it is more ...
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What are those black spots in these lead-free solder joints?

I have just changed to lead-free solder (I'm now using Chip Quik's "SMDSWLF.031, a Sn96.5/ Ag3.0/ Cu0.5 solder with 2.2% no-clean flux) but I'm not sure what I'm seeing when inspecting my boards. The ...
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Lead free compliant question

Do hand tools such as cutters and pliers have to be replaced to switch over to lead free soldering station to be compliant?
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What lead-free solder type is convenient to use for hand-soldering?

I have read some discussions about the lead-free solders on the forum, but could not see what solder type is easier to use for hand soldering (among lead-free ones)? As an example, I see only two ...
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Lead Free Soldering and bad looking joints

For years I've been soldering with normal Sn60Pb40 solder wire. But now I try to switch to lead free solder. In many forums over the internet I found the Amasan BF32-3 solder wire. It's a Sn95Ag4Cu ...
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Hobbyist Leaded Solder

I'm not asking about the safety of which solder, I'm asking about which type of solder would be best for my purposes I'm a novice electronic hobbyist and I just want to know what composition of ...
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Should I use lead free solder?

I have been a hobbyist solderer for about 6 years now, and my skills are very proficient. I have always used lead solder because my experience with lead free solder is awful. But I'm going to ...
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Can "lead free" tips be used with leaded solder?

I've just purchased my first soldering iron, an Atten 8586. The item description claims it is suitable for lead free soldering, however I have no interest in using lead-free solder at this point. I'...
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Are some soldering iron tips unsuitable for lead-free solder?

I don't do much lead-free work at all, so I'm asking this question out of ignorance. I have been using leaded solder as long as I have been soldering, and I have never had an issue with a soldering ...
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Any drawbacks to "low temp" lead-free solder paste?

I am about to try my first "reflow skillet" soldering job, and as I look at the available types of solder paste I see there are lead-free pastes with much lower melting temperatures than others. For ...
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Is it advisable to use lead-free PCB and solder paste on a first SMD assembly job?

I am sending my first PCB design to Sunstone for manufacture and I need to decide whether to order the board finish lead-free. All of the components are lead-free, and I have not decided on solder ...
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Experience with lead-free synthetic solder paste?

I'm looking to start working with solder paste as I'll be making a batch of SMT boards. It seems that most people use lead-based solder paste that requires refrigeration. Vendors charge a hazardous ...
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When Does Lead-Free Matter?

When shopping for components it's common to find a lead-free or RoHS-compliant version of the part along side one that is not. Under what circumstances does it matter that I chose exclusively lead-...
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