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2 answers

Add Motor Speed controller to floor heating mat? [closed]

EDIT: I've updated the question. Would it be safe to add an inline PWM motor speed controller as a dimmable controller? I'm having trouble finding a floor heating mat in my country domestically. I'...
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3 answers

Guard line preventing leakage current

I understand that we put a guard line (which is almost at the same potential as the positive voltage) to prevent leakage from positive line to negative line. Is it possible there is a leakage from the ...
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Hipot arcing for AC and DC hipot test

I have a substrate with multiple conductor traces (0.5mm gap from each other) with aluminum plate on top used as electrode. The aluminum plate is connected to the hipot "line" and the ...
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Right transimpedence amplifier choice for input range

I have a device that produces a ±30 nA signal and I'd like to measure this to a 0.1 nA precision. Since the currents are so low and I don't have much time to make mistakes, I am planning to use a TIA ...
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Unwanted PWM signal picked up in relays

Test setup: I am looking at this relay G5V-2-DC12. The test is simple. I power it up with 12V and connect a PWM signal (0V-5V 125kHz) to the common pin. I probe at the NO pin of the relay, and I ...
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Earth Leakage Breaker Trips .. Where is the problem?

I am trying to install a UPS in my home .. diagram of the circuit attached. UPS is in first floor. Both floors have separate main circuit breakers .. Ground floor has Earth leakage breaker while First ...
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ATmega328P 4-button turn on, auto power off using transistor

I'm trying to create a basic 4-button battery powered remote. The logic behind it is that when one of the buttons is pushed it pulls the base of the PNP low thus turning on power to the circuit. The ...
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2 answers

Inverter causing RCD to trip

I have an offgrid inverter/charger - an MPPSolar PIP4048MS (4000W inverter, 48V system). By and large it has worked well for 7 years. Recently I bought an MPPSolar PIP5048MS (5000W inverter, 48V ...
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Centre-tapped-secondary transformer's primary leakage

I hope the title is explanatory enough. The following is the practical model of a transformer having a centre-tapped secondary (eddy and hysteresis losses, and parasitic caps are omitted): Img src: ...
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