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Light guides for potted LEDs

I built a PCB with LEDs on it. The PCB must be protected from the environment by potting it in silicone. I don't trust that silicone to be clear enough for the LEDs to be visible, so I want to use a ...
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2 answers

How is this LED light guide made?

I need to know how LED status lights like these on my Bose Q35 headphones are made. Is it a light guide, or some kind of foil, or what?
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1 vote
4 answers

Side LED - Orientation wrong

I am using one of these Side LED's on the edge of a PCB to illuminate it through the light guide.
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3 votes
4 answers

DIY small light pipe

I need a small (3 cm), 90° angled lightpipe to redirect a 0.5cm LED. I'm looking for a DIY solution using common materials I already have at home. (Even if it won't redirect all the light it is still ...
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How would one attach an optical fibre to a PCB for a display?

For a model train layout, I am looking to route a light to a difficult part of the layout - even the 1.6mm LEDs are too big for the area. It is for display, not data communications. One person has ...
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