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What are the difficulties in making e-beam lithography common? [closed]

3D printers are common and cheap. An e-beam lithographer doesn't seem much more difficult; laying down the photoresist seems pretty similar, and drawing lines with an e-beam doesn't seem very hard. ...
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Why do fabs bother to print circuitry right up to the edges of a wafer when they know that the partial dies will be discarded later?

Around the edge of a wafer (see image below) you will observe that there are many partial dies. It seems wasteful to use the lithography machine to print these partial dies because they will be ...
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What photoresist developer and remover does NOT etch ZnO substrate?

I am trying to create a gold electrode layer on a ZnO substrate using photolithography, but I am having a hard time finding previous examples of photoresist on ZnO with the purpose to preserve the ZnO ...
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Interruption in waveguides

I want to fabricate a PE waveguide.I deposited a layer of aluminum with a thickness of 180 nm on Lithium niobate.I lithographed the design of the waveguide,After developing photoresist and etching the ...
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How do you make M2 Ultra with lithography?

The M2 Ultra chip is unusual not because it's a single chip made of two halves, but because the halves are centrosymmetric images of each other instead of translation. Assuming the wafer is exposed ...
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Can laser-induced graphene wires produce electromagnetic fields if a current is passed through them?

For those who don't know, laser-induced graphene (LIG) is a porous type of graphene that appears after exposing certain types of carbon-based materials with a laser. In this video, they made LIG on ...
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What are some good Figures of Merit for different lithography techniques? [closed]

Could someone explain what figures of merit can be applied to lithography techniques such as DPN and LON?
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If silicon wafers can only be made round, why are the chips we make not hexagons instead of squares to cover the edges more efficiently?

The thread is closed but the logic still checks out. Hexagons, octagons, etc. are more efficient to fill a circle than squares. If a transistor has three leads shouldn't it be a triangle? 6 ...
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Does PCB positive photoresist and related chimistry deteriorate over time (without usage)?

For creating PCBs, I use the following process: Project the layout on a PCB (with a pre-applied positive photoresist layer) Reveal the mask with sodium metasilicate pentahydrate saturated solution ...
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