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The LPC43xx line from NXP offers a line of high-powered Dual/Tri-core ARM Processors featuring a Cortex-M4 core and one/two Cortex-M0 co-processors.

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USB Broken problem

I have a problem with a device that I’ve built: It contains a LPC4300 microcontroller and it's supplied with 24V DC. I’ve noticed a strange problem when I connect it to a USB port. The device is used ...
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SDRAM interfacing problem with lpc4357

I am trying to interface SDRAM - AS4C8M16SA from Alliance, with LPC4357 (LQFP208 package). I'm not familiar with EMC or SDRAM. I got the RAM get initialized. But ,I cannot successfully write beyond 64 ...
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Cannot transmit message (receiving is working, but without ack) on CAN bus (LPC2368)

I work with microcontroller LPC2368. After initialisation of the CAN interface to normal mode (not listen-only mode), I can receive all messages, but the microcontroller cannot send an acknowledge ...
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LPC43xx External Static Memory - Multiplexing of Address/Data lines

We would like to tightly-couple a FPGA with a µC by means of the external static memory memory controller, thereby effectively mapping the FPGA registers into main memory of the µC with maximum ...
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Using LPCxpresso with barebones LPC4337 board

I recently purchased a development board on eBay that will allow me to work with NXPs dual core LPC4337 ARM M4/M0 processor. I have experience working with uVison4 from KEIL, for the FRDM-KL25 from ...
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