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I am using STM32H723ZG with LCD controller ILI9488 working with MIPI DBI type B interface (16 data lines). Interface pins on the LCD controller are: CS(Chip Select), DC(Data/Command), RD(Read signal), ...
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STM32 LTDC difference between pitch and line length

I don't understand what the difference is between the color frame buffer pitch and the color frame buffer line length in the LTDC_CFBLR register in the LTDC ...
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Error: L6406E: No space in execution regions using STM32F429 [closed]

I want to store my logo image (which is 274 × 184 pixel) and six 120 × 120 icons in my background layer. Whenever my LCD turns on, it immediately shows my logo, which is in the center, and six icons (...
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The routing delay is 0 ns in quartus chipplanner

I designed a program about TDC. However, I found the routing delay is 0 ns when I check its timming by Timequest. Shown below, the Tco is 0.073 ns, but the routing delay is 0 ns. Obviously, there is ...
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Can run LTDC by circular buffer for easy graph drawing on STM32F7?

In stm32f746G-Discovery, I want to draw moving graph like drawing ADC output on real time. Is it possible to make start address of LTDC buffer shifting in every single new ADC data to having graph ...
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STM32F769I display not showing framebuffer content

I am trying to get video to work on STM32F769I device. What I have done already is that I have changed the device tree so it has the required support and enabled the kernel features required for it to ...
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Accelerating Graphics rendering in STM32F7

I have a framebuffer that is created on SRAM with LTDC that is everything is written to that buffer, images, icons,..etc. and get displayed to the LCD screen. That works fine. but the screen size is ...
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SD card with STM32 in memory-mapped mode

I need an external flash in STM32H743 MCU and it must work in memory-mapped mode (it's necessary for LTDC display controller). Can I use SD card instead of usual flash chip in this case? It will be ...
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STM32 LTDC - Maximum resolution

I am planning to interface a STM32H753XI to a 1400x480 display. Here is the reference manual. Now, the maximum resolution given for the STM is 1024x728. I understand that this is the maximum frequency ...
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