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Reverse-engineering proprietary magstripe cards

I imagine we've all seen those parking systems where, to enter the parking lot, you need to get, from a dispenser, a card which has a magstripe on the back, and then, when you leave, you feed it into ...
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Magstripe spoofer for multiple tracks?

I want to build a magstripe spoofer as a weekend project. I've seen others online do it using a steel shim wrapped in wire. This is only one coil. What can't understand is if cards have multiple ...
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8 votes
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Why are chips used in electronic identity cards?

Why did Germany choose NXP's SmartMX chip in the new Electronic ID Card (see here) instead of having a more conventional solution, like an old credit-card-like approach? In fact, the question is ...
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Can a credit card be demagnetized with a nearby cellphone?

Suppose I have a standard credit card with a magnetic stripe, lying right on top of a cellphone, or in a regular leather wallet that's lying right on top of a cellphone. The cellphone is on (but ...
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Pinout of a 3 wire magnetic card reader

I got given a piece of electronics to take apart that has a magnetic swipe card reader built into it. Upon taking it apart the card reader itself (which appears very much like a tape deck head) seems ...
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Replicating a Magstripe?

I want to work on a project where you could replace a magstripe with another item which can change the data stored on it via a PIC but still be read by a magstripe reader. This means that the PIC ...
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