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What does the double vertical bar mean here?

I'm reading on air "gap impedance" and came across this equation from these notes on the topic. (see page 7). The article defines this equation as: ...
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Opposite of reflection coefficient

The reflection coefficient (in circuits, for example) is generally given the symbol Gamma (\$\Gamma\$). What is the symbol given for the pass or transmission coefficient \$1-\Gamma\$? I've usually ...
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HSpice Manuals/Handbooks. What does Þ mean in the equations?

I'm working with the HSPICE MOSFET Models Manual for a university project. In some equations there's this \$Þ\$ symbol. For example from an equation regarding the Shichman-Hodges Model: $$ W_\text{eff}...
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Need help understanding notation in mathematical optimization equation?

I have been reading the research paper ["Distributed Joint Power, Association and Flight Control for Massive-MIMO self-Organizing Flying Drones"][1](Paper is from IEEE so it might be stuck behind a ...
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Current Notation in BJT

We are currently studying BJTs in electronics I and I am a bit confused on the notation of the current, specifically the collector current here. Throughout this chapter they will swap \$I\$ and \$i\$ ...
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What does \$x^*(t)=x(t)\$ mean in signals and systems?

I am often seeing this notation \$x^*(t)=x(t)\$ or similar but I cannot remember when I saw it the first time and I cannot find anywhere that explains the meaning of that notation. What does it mean?
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Mathematical therefore symbol (∴) needed for documenting circuit analysis calculations [closed]

When doing circuit analysis calculations I use the mathematical therefore symbol in my calculations and need to document my iterations to support my analysis. There is no ASCII code for the "therefore"...
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DC Analysis of Transistor Circuits - Double vertical line symbol

I have stumbled twice across this symbol || being used in the analysis of transistor circuits. An example can be seen at this address: http://www....
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Notation for switches in ladder notation

I was reading, and at the bottom of the page it has I read their page on switch notation, but it did not say what ...
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Do square wave exist?

If we send a square waveform through an antenna, will we get square electromagnetic waves with electric and magnetic fields looking like squares? Also, since there is an abrupt/almost jump in ...
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How to convert A/m to dBμA/m?

Lets say I have -2 dBμA/m as a limit. How do I convert the magnetic field strength in A/m to dBμA/m? Is it as follows? $$20\cdot \log(\frac{ |H| }{10^{-6}})$$ Thank you!
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Complex reactance formula explanation

Can someone explain the math behind the following relationships between the equalities in a capacitor's reactance? $$X_C = \frac{1}{2\pi f C} = \frac{-j}{\omega C} = \frac{1}{j \omega C}$$ For ...
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What notation is this? (Boolean/Logic Function)

I've come across these questions. What notation is being used in the 2nd and 3rd question? Thanks
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DT Ramp Signal Summation Notation Help?

I cannot understand how the summation range has changed via substitution of m. EDIT: Full problem with solution (for context):
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What is a "100R" resistor?

Sometimes I see references to "R" resistors. For example: Obviously the 100 refers to 100 Ohms. What does 100R mean?
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negative powers 8051

I am attempting to create a calculator using Keil C51 compiling for a DS89c450 target device, but I have run into an obstacle with regards to negative powers. The compiler keeps returning errors when ...
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V/I uppercase/lowercase convention?

Is there any standard in industry for using uppercase or lowercase for V and I in circuit diagrams? I ask this because my book seems to switch back and forth between the two without any rhyme or ...
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Algebraic Notation for Circuits

When dealing with a circuit diagram of some type, a fairly typical procedure for simplifying the circuit is to redraw the circuit diagram a number of times, each time performing one or more ...
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