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max31865 and MAX31855 not working

I have designed a PCB which has following functionalities 4 channel PT100 RTD Temperature sensor reading (MAX31865 based) 4 channel Thermocouple reading (MAX31855 based ) W5500 SPI Ethernet module for ...
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MAX31865 RTD IC: What is CI's capacitor purpose?

What is the Purpose of CI capacitor? The datasheet does not mention anything for it except its recommended value. My guess is that it is used to suppress RF noise on the PT100/PT1000 cable. But It ...
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Need help with MAX31865

I am trying to program an ESP32-S3 microcontroller to write and read the registers of a MAX31865 IC over SPI, but I cannot get anything meaningful out of the device. The following image shows the ...
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Why does a Pt100 RTD fail after immersion in thermally conductive and electrically isolating paste?

I currently have a Class A Pt100 RTD connected via an Adafruit RTD amplifier to an Arduino using SPI. It has good thermal contact with the warm surface after immersion in a thermally conductive (and ...
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MAX31865 and MAX31855 Completely not Working

I am beginner in Electronics. While working with MAX31865 and MAX31855 Modules it was working perfectly, but after designing custom PCB based on modules its not working. RTD shows -242C and 982C ...
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MAX31855 K type thermocouple being affected by power supply and motor

I have an ESP32 that has 3 MAX31855 sensors measuring 3 temperatures. All temperatures are reading excellent when connecting only the computer USB to the ESP32 module, but when I plug my external AC-...
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How to configure the MAX31865 IC for PT100/PT1000 on the fly?

The MAX31865 is an RTD to digital converter IC. I want to measure both PT100 and PT1000 on the fly without changing REF resistor. A 430ohm resistor is need for PT100 and a 4.3kohm resistor is need for ...
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PCB design for MAX31865+INA219

I'm designing a PCB for a device, which will contain the following functional blocks: 12V power input with SCR crowbar, reverse polarity protection, soft-start, and 3.3V linear regulator. Regulator ...
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