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Why does a Pt100 RTD fail after immersion in thermally conductive and electrically isolating paste?

I currently have a Class A Pt100 RTD connected via an Adafruit RTD amplifier to an Arduino using SPI. It has good thermal contact with the warm surface after immersion in a thermally conductive (and ...
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MAX31865 and MAX31855 Completely not Working

I am beginner in Electronics. While working with MAX31865 and MAX31855 Modules it was working perfectly, but after designing custom PCB based on modules its not working. RTD shows -242C and 982C ...
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MAX31855 K type thermocouple being affected by power supply and motor

I have an ESP32 that has 3 MAX31855 sensors measuring 3 temperatures. All temperatures are reading excellent when connecting only the computer USB to the ESP32 module, but when I plug my external AC-...
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How to configure the MAX31865 IC for PT100/PT1000 on the fly?

The MAX31865 is an RTD to digital converter IC. I want to measure both PT100 and PT1000 on the fly without changing REF resistor. A 430ohm resistor is need for PT100 and a 4.3kohm resistor is need for ...
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PCB design for MAX31865+INA219

I'm designing a PCB for a device, which will contain the following functional blocks: 12V power input with SCR crowbar, reverse polarity protection, soft-start, and 3.3V linear regulator. Regulator ...
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