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Measure capacitance on a mutual capacitive touch sensor

I interpret the mechanism of a mutual capacitive touch sensor like this: There are 2 electrodes X and Y. To measure the difference in capacity, the X electrode is driven high (i.e 3.3 V) and the Y ...
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Multimeter Negative Resistance

I have a Fluke 87V multimeter and sometimes when I measure some resistors (in power supply PCBs I saw it) it shows me negative value of resistance. Why this? It is some flaw of the multimeter or it ...
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Issues with Designed Capacity Measurement Circuit

I made a circuit to determine the capacity of an unknown capacitor. To test if the circuit is working I wanted to test it with a known capacity first. The circuit and the derivation for the ...
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How to setup or find an impedance across the capacitor

I have a 1.8V circuitry with two parallel capacitors and please let me know how can I setup or find out the impedance across the capacitor C420.
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What is a volt?

How a volt is measured and defined in the simplest terms? What does it mean when you measure voltage using a voltmeter? In the past, we defined things by physical things. For example, the kilogram ...
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Battery capacity evaluation

To measure NiMH battery capacity, everything I've read so far indicates that in order to get an accurate evaluation you have to measure the discharge parameters. I can understand that, however in my ...
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Why does the capacitance value of an MLCC (capacitor) increase after heating?

I have a general purpose MLCC capacitor design kit, which consists of capacitors of different values. I took a 2.2 µF (X5R, 16 V, +/- 20 %, -> this one) capacitor out of it and measured its ...
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