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Why use a loopstick rather than a choke for MW radio frequency reception?

For reception in the medium wave range (500-1600kHz) a ferrite rod (loopstick) has a measured inductance of Lc=2mH and a resistance Rf=5 ohms, whereas an RF choke with Lf=2mH has a resistance Rc=8 ...
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Stereo Enhanced Mono

Medium Wave AM in most countries is monophonic. AM stereo was never universally adopted. Given a monophonic signal, how can one create a stereo output? I know there are some 'tricks' you can play on ...
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Permeability Tuning Vs Cap tuning for MW AM

I constructed a wide band Hi Fi TRF tuner for MW AM that sounds great. It used an old 365 pF air spaced 3 gang variable capacitor that had equal sections. Selectivity was marginal at the top of the ...
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