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Questions tagged [microphonics]

This refers to the change in some electrical parameter of a device with induced stress. Like how a microphone works, but it need not be sound that induces the stress.

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Most sensitive microphone type?

I need to detect very low amplitude sound in air (typically 0dB), in an enclosed space of less than 100 cubic centimeters, in the low ultrasonic region ie 20kHz to maybe 50kHz. I will be narrow ...
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Changing microphone's jack to headphone's jack

I was trying to change my microphone's jack into my headphones with mic jack by cutting my microphone's wire and connect it to my headphone jack's wires. But these 4 color coded wires makes me ...
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How to mount electronics on a vehicle chassis safely

I want to implement a control system I designed for a light electric motorbike. I would like to mount it as professionally as possible on the chassis. It consists of a power system pcb and a SAMC21 ...
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Ceramic capacitors microphonic bandwidth

I need to use some relatively high value (10uF) capacitors in a discrete switched capacitor circuit and I need them to precisely store their voltage for a small amount of time (about 5us). The ...
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Dynamic Microphone with XLR Phantom power

I designed this schematic after viewing the typical phantom power supply circuit. But i am still not sure that the dynamic microphone will work or not. Please take a look and tell me. I just ...
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Quantifying the piezoelectric effect of ceramic capacitors

In comparing ceramics vs tantalums one of the oft cited disadvantages is the tendancy for ceramics to exhibit a piezoelectric (i.e. microphonic) effect. Old-school technicians talk about ceramic ...
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