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Questions tagged [monte-carlo]

For questions about Monte Carlo simulations, which perform repeated random sampling of random variables (e.g. component values subject to certain tolerances) to analyze the effects of the randomness on the overall design.

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Is it possible for hspice to perform arithmetic over Monte Carlo results

so I managed to write a .MEASURE command to give me 0 or 1 based on a certain event, and saves it in a result variable called "passfail". I do not have that command on me at the moment, but ...
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LTspice Monte Carlo Analysis Clarifications required

I am learning about LTspice MC analysis from this site. I understood almost all the things except the below one. "Then make another spice directive to execute a Monte Carlo run as below .step ...
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Monte-Carlo analysis vs phase-margin or gain-margin

It's my understanding that phase and gain margins are used to see how much margin there is for the stability of a circuit. In other words, how much gain or phase would need to change in order to make ...
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Monte Carlo Analysis in LTspice: Gaussian or Uniform distribution for the tolerance of resistors?

I am running 1000 simulations in LTspice to do Monte Carlo Analysis of the output voltage signal on a circuit with 3% tolerance resistors. Firstly, does LTspice assume the resistors' values are ...
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LTSpice which values used in a run?

Running a worst case simulation, as guided here: LTspice: Worst-Case Circuit Analysis with Minimal Simulations Runs How does one find out what circuit values were used during a run? In my sim I have ...
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Integrated Circuit design: Comparing the results given by corner analysis and Monte Carlo analysis

In IC design, corner analysis is performed to study the operation of the ICs under extreme conditions and Monte Carlo analysis is performed to ensure the mismatch is within the tolerance. However, can ...
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How to solve Laplace and Poisson's equation using Monte Carlo simulation for a parallel plate cpacitor?

I know how to solve for voltage and field using Laplace and Poisson equation for a simple parallel plate capacitor. But I cannot get any idea on how to proceed with Monte-Carlo simulation using MatLab ...
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Does the LT Spice monte carlo simulation definitely output the max and min voltage for any number of simulation runs?

I have the following circuit, in which i need to calculate max and min voltages possible (considering resistor tolerance). Does running a monte carlo simulation consider the absolute max and min ...
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LTspice Monte Carlo with different model libraries

I'm trying to figure out how to do my first Monte Carlo analysis in LTspice. I have a very simple schematic that includes the SPICE model for PN 74LVC3G17DC (vendor link). The distribution from the ...
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Monte Carlo Simulation In Python instead of HSPICE

Suppose I have a resistor and I want to simulate process variation on it. When I was reading online, I noticed that Monte Carlo simulation is used for this purpose. I also noticed that HSPICE has ...
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How can measure the minimum value in LTspice monte carlo simulation curve?

Attached the LTspice curve result of the monte carlo simulation. How can measure the minimum value from the curve. Here it show only the middle values while measuring. What setting change should be ...
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Monte carlo analysis cadence

I tried to do a monte carlo analysis of the opamp that I have designed. I ran the simulation for 100 samples with matching and process, suprisingly the results I get are very bizare. I have gains that ...
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Virtuoso Monte Carlo Inductor Problem

For an LNA design, the simulations for the inductors and the simulation for the rest of the components (transistors, capacitors, resistors etc.) are done in two different software packages. The ...
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PSPICE monte carlo

I am trying to do a monte carlo simulation using PPSICE(Orcade/Cadence 16.6). Most of the tutorials I see do the Monte Carlo using Orcad Capture(through the schematic approach). I would like to do all ...
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How much can BJT parameters (particularly beta) vary for Monte Carlo analysis

Background / Requirements: I'm designing a typical Class AB amplifier using diode-connected BJTs to achieve the biasing. I have a requirement to keep the total quiescent current at room temperature ...
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Parts tolerance simulations in ltspice

I just recently found this tutorial (and various other places mentioning a similar technique) when trying to evaluate how one of my circuits behaves when using real world components with real world ...
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how to use PTM corner models in hspice

I have downloaded 65nm models for TT, FF,and SS from ptm website( I want to test these on a cmos inverter using hspice. Kindly tell me how should i proceed. It is for the first ...
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