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VFD and motor compatibility

I am looking for a VFD. The motor has following specifications:Motor nameplate YE2-1329-4 and JB/T11707-2013 5.5 kW, 400V, Δ, 11.3 A , 50Hz, CosΘ 0.82, IP 55, 1460 rpm, 87.7. Is above motor ...
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How to increase the power of an electric motor?

What's the difference between a 1HP and 2HP electric motor? Slightly different dimensions: They look almost identical: Here are the specs: Same top speed (RPM). Same Voltage. Difference in current ...
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How to conceptualize electric loading in a motor

I'm struggling to understand the concept of "electric loading" or "current density" in a real motor. Soong explains how a sheet of conductors in a magnetic field generate force on that sheet which I'...
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