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MPU6050 measuring tilt angle while moving

I am working on a project, where the final device will be mounted on a vehicle (horizontally levelled with the vehicle chasis). One important need here is that I need to find out if the device is ...
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Understanding MPU6050 raw values in 2 complement form

I am working with an MPU6050 and STM32F103. While reading the datasheet I see that the Accelerometer and Gyro values are stored in registered in 2 complements form. Datasheet Link: https://invensense....
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360 degree angle measurement using MPU6050

This is the first time I am working with PMU6050 sensor to detect the tilt angle of the PCB. I have read as much as possible and could get it working up to a certain level. Now the code measures the ...
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Cannot communicate with MPU-6050 module

I have a custom PCBA (nano shield) with the MPU-6050 accelerometer. The schematic is shown below. I am able to see the device on I2C, but am not able to communicate with the device whatever library I ...
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What does Fsync do on MPU6050?

I'm looking to use the MPU6050 IMU and I am confused on what Fsync does, is it controlled by the host or the MPU6050 itself?
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