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SPI clock settings for MSP432

SPI is set to use SMCLK but I am confused what the value of BRW (baud rate control) should be. Could someone guide me how to determine this value? The MSP432 (master) is sending a character over to ...
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Setting pins as output Code - micro-controller

So i am using the MSP432 and i am confused on how the code for setting pin to desired function works. so for example from the manual i have found that: ...
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MSP getting powered up from GPIO

On a demo board I have, USB 5V rail is connected via a resistor divider to one of the GPIO's of MSP. MSP itself is powered from PCIE 3v3AUX rail. In one of the cases when the board is not connected ...
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Controlling DAC161S997 via SPI

I am using msp-exp432p4111 devalopment board and trying to use DAC161S997 with it.The main goal is creating a ...
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Firmware update using MSPDEBUG goes directly into the debugging console

I have encountered a strange problem using mspdebug with my MSP430FR5969 launchpad. I have recently started with msp430 programming. I was interested in running the Curve25519 project on MSP430. I ...
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Problems initializing SD card with MSP430

I've been working on some code to talk to an SD card with the MSP430. I can't get the card to enter into idle mode, and I'm actually pretty stumped as to why. I've looked at the microcontroller output ...
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Need help in choosing Flash size in a microcontroller

I need to decide upon selecting Flash size and RAM for a project. The micro controller I prefer to use is TI MSP430 series. Because of its low power consumption and value line series cost. However I'm ...
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Support for MSP430x5xx processors on MSP430-gcc

How would I add support for a new MSP430 processor type on MSP430-gcc? E.g. msp430x5xx series. I understand I must produce the relevant .h/.o files but how do I generate/integrate those in msp430-gcc ...
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How do you develop software for the Arduino?

Is the main way of programming the Arduino's Atmel MCU thru a Visual Programming environment such as Max/MSP? Or do you have to write typical C code? What are the different ways available?
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MSP430 programmer

I was hoping you would share with me info on making my own board for programming. I recently came into a handful of MSP430F20xx that I'd like to play around with, but my student budget isn't offering ...
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