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3 answers

Updating a Schematic with Annotation

What's the protocol for updating a schematic? I have 4 diodes creating a bridge rectifier on an existing schematic that I was going to replace with a single part. For example, if those diodes were ...
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Standard Naming Convention for Cadence Files

This is a question regarding the naming of libraries and cellviews in the Cadence Design Systems' IC tool. While being somewhat company and work-culture dependent, I am wondering what naming ...
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Why is the Clock Signal referred to as SCK instead of CLK in SPI?

I understand "SCK" expands to "Serial Clock", but simply calling it "Clock" would have worked just as fine. Am I right to understand that this "S" is a ...
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Who is the main manufacturer of jelly bean parts?

Why do some parts like opamps and mosfets of different companies have same part number but they just change the initial letters. Does it mean that these are actually manufactured by just one company ...
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What does (DW) mean in the TI equivalent of SOIC (16) package?

TI datasheet says: SOIC-16 Wide Body (DW) and Extra-Wide Body (DWW) Package Options It doesn't mention what DW stands for. I am annoyed when manufacturers come up with their own naming conventions ...
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Reasoning for common circuit symbols

I would like to know where and why the common quantity symbols for impedance (Z), resistance (R), reactance (X), admittance (Y), conductance (G), and susceptance (B) were first defined. It seems ...
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voltage suffixes meaning

I came across the following schematics on a TV main board. And a bit lower I try to understand the meaning of the name of different rails. I suspect that STB ...
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Diode functional naming : 'ORing' diode

I heard 'ORing Diode' in a design meeting today. After a quick google search I found this was referring to a diode functional montage. Is this naming commonly used? Are there other names like this? I ...
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What are the known ambiguous SMD IC package names?

I just recently discovered (the hard way...) that VSSOP-8 is an ambiguous IC package name. Some manufacturers use this name to describe a 0.65mm pitch device, whereas others use VSSOP-8 to describe a ...
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VF vs. VFR Suffix: Whats the Difference?

On Digikey, I have found 2 parts that have the same datasheet and same product attributes, but one is $2 cheaper and has VFR at the end of its name instead of VF. Here are the products and datasheets: ...
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What is the meaning of the number after the comma in the product page? (e.g. BC547C,215)

Relevant links from Mouser and Digi-key:
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