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Why does IMU acceleration bias increase with increase in acceleration?

I am trying to estimate the wheel speed scale factor of a vehicle. I find that whenever the vehicle accelerates rapidly,the estimated speed is lower than the true speed. In other words, I see bias in ...
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Converting accelerometer readings to center of IMU

I recently purchased 3 single axis accelerometers for tracking acceleration of a vehicle. I have used a box like structure to mount each accelerometer orthogonal to each other ( As much as possible) ...
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Reverse trilateration / multi-lateration using BLE Beacons

I'm currently working on a proof-of-concept to work out the estimated locations (longitude and latitude) of outdoor beacons with unknown locations to begin with. The solution will use a mobile ...
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How does accelerometer calibration work?

Inside a MEMS accelerometer there are some miniature spring-mass structures that displace under gravity or external force (acceleration). These forces are proportional to or can be indirectly ...
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About Mahony filter for euler angles estimation

I have read some papers about mahony filter design..the filter corrects the error in gyroscope measurement using PI compensator....the error in gyro reading is calculated using the gravity vector.....
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Direction finder for cross country navigation while dayhiking - antenna considerations [closed]

Edit: I'm looking for an antenna, not criticism on whether I need one, all the rest is just background😉 My family enjoys short day hikes through heavily wooded countryside with mild hills.(Northen ...
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Software vs hardware-defined GNSS receivers

I am conducting research into the accuracy of smartphone positional fixing accuracy. I have come to understand that smartphones use software-defined receivers rather than hardware-defined receivers. ...
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Is it possible to align a mems gyro to approximately true north with no external data input?

Is it possible to align a mems gyro to approximately true north with no external data input - ie nothing input by the user. I want to put a mems gyro/acc ship on a board and mount the board to a ...
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Why do some GPS devices require a GSM SIM-card?

Why do GPS products like [Image A] always require a GSM (or similar; i.e. 3G, 4G, etc.) SIM-card?; Whereas typical in-car GPS navigation devices, etc. like [Image B] don't? [Image A] [Image B]
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How did four-course LF radio navigation ranges have their beams other than at 90° / 180° angles?

The four-course Low Frequency Radio Range system used for aircraft navigation (in the US and elsewhere) in the 1930s and 1940s used a pair of directional antenna (with figure-of-8 shaped radiation ...
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EAGLE: how to find where the pin is connected - navigating fairly large schematics

I have a fairly large schematic loaded in EAGLE (netlist file is ~2500 lines long) and I want to find out where exactly some pin is connected, given chip name and pin name. What I'm trying to do: I ...
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Material that Degrade GPS Signal Reception

Between clear tempered glass (see through,thick & very strong) Vs. coloured plastic material, which would result in more degradation of GPS signals if used to make a box? The box contains a ...
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GPS Antenna | When is an Active Antenna really Necessary?

Many vendors provide positioning modules that support active antennas as well as ones that don't. I am using 4 positioning modules out of which 3 of them support active antennas and the other , CC4000 ...
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GLONASS and GPS satellite usage simultaneously by Positioning Modules

Can a GPS module use 2 GPS satellites and 2 GLONASS satellites to obtain a fix without using all satellites of the same kind? I know that we cannot force this to happen but is it theoretically ...
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GPS parity decoding, how to get D29 and D30 of previous bits?

According to ICD GPS 200C, to decode the bits of a word you need to have the bits 29 and 30 of the previous word, this means that to get the bits 29 and 30 of the previous word you should know the ...
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How to get translation and roation data using 6DOF MPU6150

I am trying to get the position data from an IMU 6 Degrees of Freedom (MPU-6150) board using an Arduino Uno. I am trying Jeff Rowberg’s example MPU6050_DMP6.ino that may be found here. This is the ...
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Locate a mobile phone precisely for indoors tracking

Firstly, I don't know if I'm asking this at the right place, so excuse me if it's not. Suppose i want to track a mobile phone in a local area, lets say a large hall of 200 m x 50 m, using any ...
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navigating every spot of a room [closed]

I want to build a robot that will navigate over every spot it can in a room. But i thought some kind of a laser to map the room would be best or maybe a ultra sonic sensor. Could anyone guide me in a ...
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Indoor Location Positioning

We are developing a mobile application for smartphones (Iphone, Android, BlackBerry, etc) and want to allow navigation at indoors. We can buy and place indoor gps antennas but will this solve our ...
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Velocity showing in GPS-Navigation Systems

How exact is the velocity that is showing in a GPS Navigation System like Navigon or TomTom?
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How do i navigate RC car with a gps module on it from point A to point B?

I want to navigate the RC car from point A to point B. The gps module is used to find the current location coordinates i.e point A. The user enters the point B coordinates based on point A. I am ...
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Primitive navigation system

In my spare time I've decided to create something on my own. I've never designed difficult things, but I'm very curious, moreover experience would never be useless ;) I decided to create a robot, but ...
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