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Q&A specific to Nordic Semiconductor SoC nRF51822

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Embedded C++ and multiple copies of same structure

In embedded programming it is my understanding that we do not use dynamic memory allocation since we are working with a fixed-resources system and the code needs to be compiled for worst case memory ...
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NRF51822 UART with ArduinoIDE

When using UART in ArduinoIDE, ArduinoIDE uses a preset pin number for RX and TX for UART, and when using a board like ESP32 which has RX/TX pins preset it's fine. What do you do when a board does not ...
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Program MCU from another MCU

Can I use an ESP32 to program/flash an nRF51822 directly without a PC connected to the nRF? I am designing a VERY small device with two microcontrollers on the same PCB, and would like to save space ...
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Questions about microbit and Nordic nrf51

My first question here and please excuse my English. I am playing with Nordic nrf51 Timer module (using a BBC microbit v1.5). I am using Timer1 to flash a LED. I stored a value to the capture register ...
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Please help identify the positive and ground for BLE antenna

Please help identify the positive and ground for adding an external BLE antenna, after the chip antenna was removed. I am connecting an external antenna (not the removed one) to this Nrf51822 BLE ...
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Pi-Matching network needed when already 50Ohm matched on transceiver?

I've been dreaming up a small gadget featuring a NRF51822 MCU as a centerpiece and I'm a total noob at RF-voodoo. I want to use a chip antenna. My question is this: Do i need this matching network ...
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What comes after you have programmed a Bluetooth Low Energy chip with Nordic SDK and are ready for deployment?

I am working on this project with bluetooth low energy and it seems I will have to order the Nordic Semi DK kit for one of their nRF51 series chips. I am just curious (and an amateur at this), once ...
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Flashing nordic n51802

I have a Chinese rip-off game pad, which has an n51802 which is by nordic. I want to flash my own firmware but i’m unable to find any information about it. I can put it in DFU mode, so it is flashable,...
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Circuit to Toggle Ultrasonic Sensor

To preface I am a software developer, not an electrical engineer so please go easy on me as there are likely gaps in my knowledge here. I am utilizing an nrf52832 SoC (specs:
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Can Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons act as receivers?

I am working on a project which involves sending data from many BLE beacons to many other BLE beacons. To be more specific, I have two groups of beacons: The first group consists of senders (or ...
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Implementing nrf51822 timer example mbed

I am using the PCA10001 eval board and I have been able to get things up and running using the mbed platform but now I am implementing a timer based interrupt for that I was using a ticker. But ...
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nrf51822 BLE beacon not always discoverable - how to choose the correct flag?

I have some BLE beacon modules (Radioland Beacon) using the Nordic nrf51822 and I want to make an indoor positioning system with them. There is a problem with my beacons that they are not always ...
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Confusion regarding component JUMPER-PAD-3-2OF3_NC_BY_TRACE

I am working on deploying a open source hardware project.In the list of components, they have mentioned one of the components as PAD-JUMPER-3-2OF3_NC_BY_TRACE_YES_SILK_FULL_BOX with value JUMPER-...
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nrf51822 restarts when relay switches off

I have a micro-controller based project. I am using nrf51822 as the MCU. there are two 12V relays in my project and they are used to switch 230V AC. These relays are controlled by nrf51822. ...
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Where is stray current coming from in uA system. BLE Nano

I am testing how low I can get the power consumption of the RedBear BLE Nano, which is a development board for the Nordic NRF51822 System on Chip that contains an ARM micrcocontroller, and BLE 4.0 ...
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How can i extend Bluetooth range at maximum?

I want to extend at "maximum possible" the range of my Bluetooth Low Energy chip, Nordic nRF51822. I have no limits of space, transmit power or energy requirements so i can use whatever i want. I was ...
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What happens when discharging coin cell battery too much?

BACKGROUND: I'm working on a project where we use the nRF51 Bluetooth low energy chip, and our first prototype boards just arrived. So I've made some power measurements trying to calculate the ...
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How come nRF51822 evaluation kit isn't recommended?

Looking at the nRF51822 Evaluation Kit's page, it explicitly states that it's not recommended and is replaced by nRF51 DK. Does anyone know in what ways the nRF51 DK is an improvement over the ...
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Connecting LED to a microcontroller powered with CR2032 with discharge voltage range 3.3V to 2V

For my project I'm using a nRF51822 SoC with a CR2032 powering it. I'm using an LED with 1.5mA consumption to signal a rare event. The LED has to have 2 V to work. As the battery discharges, the ...
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"error #28: expression must have a constant value" - with nRF51822 app_twi

I have been attempting to copy the nRF51822 app_twi example for own application in order to get a better understanding of how the HAL works. However, now I have an error now that I don't understand ...
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What are the resource requirements (RAM, flash) of the latest Nordic Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stack?

I want to understand how much RAM and flash I have available for my own program memory and program space after I incorporate the overhead of Bluetooth communication when using an nRF51822. https://...
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