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Zener diode on NRST pin of STM32

I am using STM32L476QGI6 in my project. As shown in the following figure, I have placed a 3.6 V Zener diode (ZM4729A-GS08) on the NRST pin of my microcontroller. The problem is that when I connect the ...
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STM32F030F4Px MCU NRST pin: missing capacitor

I created a board with a STM32F030F4Px and am trying to connect to my micro over SWD using STM32CubeProgrammer. Each time I try to connect, I keep getting a message saying "Error ST-LINK error (...
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GPIO button resets STM32

I'm using STM32L031 in TSOP20 package on custom board. User can control it with encoder, which contains also push button. Endoder push button is connected to pin 3 on package(PC15), which is right ...
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Power OFF then ON an ESP8266 when GPIO0 go low (aka reset ESP without nRST pin)

I need to flash some ESP8266 based devices that does not have the nRST pin accessible, but only: VCC, GND, RX, TX, GPIO0 As programming board I'm using an old NodeMCU board that has this auto-...
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Why is the switch drawn like this (NRST, STM32)? [duplicate]

The below part of a circuit is from the AN2586 Reference design for an STM32F1:
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