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How to convert floating point numbers to fixed point for use in a Verilog table? [closed]

I have a LUT in I need to assign values. They are in the range of 0 to 3.3. This is the code: ...
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Problem with the smallest negative number using Signed-2's-Complement

I have a problem figuring out why the smallest negative number we can represent in 3 bits, using Signed-2's-Complement is -4. I understand that in S2C format, we can create numbers from 2x-1-1 (...
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Verilog signed numbers representation

I am confused as to when the '-' sign is used and when 's' is used. This post is somewhat helping, although not entirely. Please correct if I am wrong: For example, to interpret 8'sd244, we write 244 ...
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Subtraction using 2's complement, why 4, 8 or 16 bit are required

During subtraction using 2's complement, why it is important to decide on the number of bits we are going to use, (e.g. 4 bit, 8 bit, 16 bit etc) and use the same number of bits to write each number. ...
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Bits are toggled in step 1 or 9's complement is done using subtraction?

In base 2, I want to subtract x-y using adder. Where, x = (1011)2 and y = (0101)2 [For verification, in decimal x=(11)10, y = (5)10. So, we are seeking (6)10 as the answer ] In base 2 using adder we ...
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Why do we write the integer part from top to bottom and not the other way?

While converting the fractional part of a decimal number to another number system, why do we write the integer part from top to bottom and not the other way? Since the fractional part is 0, the ...