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OMAP (Open Multimedia Applications Platform) is a series of image/video processors developed by Texas Instruments.

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How to prevent OMAP from running software after poweron reset?

I have a faulty forgein system using an OMAP5912 whith external SDRAM and NOR-Flash connected. I have JTAG access to the unit with an Segger J-Flash. Now i want to debug why it does not startup ...
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Amplifying milli Volts to Volts

I am currently using a KE-25 oxygen sensor which is galvano microcell type oxygen sensor which doesn't require a power supply to sense oxygen level in the environment. Depending on the concentration ...
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Flash/obtain ROM code for Sitara on BeagleBone Black

How is the ROM code loaded/provided on the BeagleBone Black? I see a few possibilities: It is loaded on in TI's factory and is immutable [unlikely] It is flashed on during manufacture of BeagleBone [...
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How much difference in net length is ok?

Sorry, but I couldn't find a better title. Consider the following: I have an address/data bus interface. Intended frequency of the D/A bus would be around 10-50MHz. According to the datasheet of the ...
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Is it normal to have SPI Clock with varying duty cycle?

I am working to get an SPI interfacing radio module on embedded Linux system. This particular module (RFM12B) is already ported onto Raspberry Pi. Now I am working on OMAP4 based systems. I noticed ...
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Communication between FPGA and OMAP 3530 using GPMC

I am working on a project which requires communication of data between Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA (XC6SLX45T-2FGG484) and OMAP 3530, I have a ULK dev board on which The 32Kx8 (256Kbits) serial ...
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OMAP l138 Emif interface to FPGA

I have to design an interface between OMAP L138 and an FPGA through the emif. I need to read data from the FPGA and send it to the OMAP for processing and write the processed data back onto the FPGA. ...
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TI ARM with stacked RAM [closed]

Do any of the TI ARM SOCs, e.g. OMAP or Da Vinci, have a version with stacked RAM? (e.g. DDR2 or mDDR) For miniature robots, it would be really nice to not need to spend board area on an external RAM ...
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