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Open Source Hardware (OSHW) is a term for tangible artifacts like machines, devices, or other physical things whose design has been released to the public in such a way that anyone can make, modify, distribute, and use those things.

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Question on OSH and patents

I was thinking about making something and making it OSH, but I found that there is a patent that covers some of the functionality. Is it okay for me to make a design and make it accessible to the ...
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How would one build a circuit board without hiring a manufacturer?

Assuming one had access to old CPUs, ram, hard drives, and mainboards with I/O connections and BIOS chips and other chips in them. I know the basics of the gates to make CPUs and RAM, and I know it's ...
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How would I implement an onboard ISP for multiple ARM Cortex M0+ MCUs?

I've written a lot of firmwares for embedded dev boards like Arduinos and Teensys, but am still new to PCB design. Right now I'm attempting to bring a multi-MCU design into limited production, and I'...
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How can I make this Component Tester more accurate?

EDIT: In the answer by Reroute (thank you, Reroute!), he references a very active 253 page EEVblog topic -- $20 LCR ESR Transistor checker project that probably includes exactly what I am seeking. I ...
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What happened to the open bench logic sniffer? [closed]

Around 2015 the Open Bench Logic Sniffer looked like a really promising logic sniffer/analyzer at a price a hobbyist could tolerate. These were available assembled from Seeed (and others?) There's no ...
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Are there fully open-source ASICs?

The Ethereum Foundation (an open-source project) will build an open-source ASIC to support its decentralised randomness beacon. To date, has the RTL of any ASIC been open-sourced or will the Ethereum ...
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One-time fuse for disconnecting/breaking signal path

I am looking for an IC solution, ideally, but alternatively also could use a tiny circuit that would allow to accomplish the following feature: Trigger an event by MCU that will fuse-out/disconnect ...
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Android app to circuit trigger

I am planning to create a device which is connected to wifi and triggers a current when I send some signal to it using wifi. This will be something like unlock an electronic door remotely. What all ...
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Confusion regarding component JUMPER-PAD-3-2OF3_NC_BY_TRACE

I am working on deploying a open source hardware project.In the list of components, they have mentioned one of the components as PAD-JUMPER-3-2OF3_NC_BY_TRACE_YES_SILK_FULL_BOX with value JUMPER-...
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Large Schematic Dataset

I am an artist looking to experiment with generating schematics with various machine learning techniques and am looking for a large (ideally 10,000+) publicly available dataset of schematic files. The ...
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What does "Piggy" mean in this Schematic?

What does the word "Piggy" mean in this schematic diagram? I found some sections of a schematic where a part is denoted as "Piggy". What does it mean?
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Voltage Drift on an Open Circuit (and how to get rid of it)

I'm trying to create a custom lick-port to detect mouse licking behavior. I am following a design published here that uses the junction potential between the mouse's tongue and the metal water spout ...
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Hardware reference design for a phone [closed]

I want to make a simple box with one button. Pressing the button will send a SMS Text message to a preprogrammed phone number. I have not designed a phone hardware before so looking for some simple ...
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How appropriate are the open source licences currently in use for inclusion of HDL cores in a commercial product?

HDL IP cores targeted towards ASICs, FPGAs or both are often very useful for adding functionality to a project quickly. Commercially licences cores are available from many sources for a range of ...
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How to test OpenSPARC CPU?

There are several open-source general-purpose CPUs, and the most advanced of them seems to be OpenSPARC T2 (correct me, if I'm wrong). I want to find out, with what effort I can build a machine, ...
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Programming CC430F5137 using another microcontroller

I have a CC430F5137 and the board schematic all ready for my application to that requires capturing data over bluetooth. I wish to program the CC430F5137 using another platform except the conventional ...
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What are the limitations of home-fabricating hardware by taking advantage of graphene only? [closed]

I'm really a newbie in electronics and materials science, but I was wondering about the new possibilities of circuits fabrication that come with graphene and the impact that all those things could ...
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How to resolve this :Arduino UNO not working with Arduino wifi shield?

I'm having a lot of issues regarding interfacing an Arduino wifi shield with the Arduino Uno. My Arduino works fine when the shield is not attached to it but when I attach the shield, I'm unable to ...
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Why is open hardware so rare? [closed]

I'm trying to understand why open hardware is so much harder to come by than software. I've tried looking around online and I couldn't find as satisfactory explanation. I understand that hardware is ...
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Is there a free hosting site for electrical engineering projects?

I've recently completed a functional CPU and instruction set simulated in Logisim and an example program for it. I'm now just wrapping up all the documentation for the whole design and would like to ...
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How to make a design more independent of a particular silicon vendor?

In many hardware projects it would be nice to have the freedom to switch between vendors easily, mainly microprocessors and microcontrollers. I can see many reasons for wanting to have this freedom, ...
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