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OSX (originally Mac OS X) is a series of Unix-based graphical interface operating systems developed and marketed by Apple Inc.

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LTSpice how to change background color plot OSX Mac Macbook?

How do I change the background color of the plot in LTSpice on OSX? There is no color setting when right clicking in the plot nor is there any settings in the "tab" of the program...
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Saving LTspice colors & drafting settings on CrossOver (Wine)

I run LTspice XVII on mac OSX using CrossOver (Wine), as I prefer having access to the toolbar and menus in the Windows app that are absent within the native mac app. It works well, except that ...
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Best place to report an LTSpice XVII crasher?

I have a small LTspice XV11 .asc file that reliably gives a SIGSEGV when I run the simulator under macOS 10.14.3 (Mojave). This is related to LTSpice IV for OS X (oct 2, 2018 version) crashes on ...
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LTspice on MacOS - empty library

On freshly installed LTspice on MacOS I have no libraries. In "Top directory is only /, but there is no way to edit this path, also in settings there is no tab ...
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LTSpice IV for OS X (oct 2, 2018 version) crashes on macOS Mojave 10.14

I downloaded the latest LTSpice IV for mac OS, I'm running mojave on a MBP. It is crashing in my setup, apparently as soon as it opens the plot window. The simulation starts running, but when it's ...
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Bluetooth pairing on Mac and Windows causes one to dismiss the other

My company is developing a Bluetooth-enabled robotics kit. We have found the following to be true: Pair device to computer A (a Mac) Pair device to computer B (a Windows PC) Computer A is now unable ...
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How to interface a SPDT switch with Mac OS X

Before I get started, I am a software developer and I have extremely limited knowledge of circuitry, so please be gentle. In it's most basic form, I guess my question is, how can I wire up a SPDT ...
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How do I duplicate a part in eagle?

I just modelled a P-Channel MOSFET in Eagle and now would like to do duplicate the device to make slight changes to both the symbol and the device for a similar N-Channel MOSFET. I've searched and ...
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1 vote
3 answers

How to connect a sensor via I2C on an OSX computer?

I am growing a sort of interest for hardware projects; and lately I started to experiment with BeagleBone and various types of sensor. Now I realize that, to reduce the size of your hardware (and ...
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What microcontroller programming toolchains are available on mac OSX and how do they compare?

I am trying to figure which microcontroller starter kit to buy, provided i have only macs and like to code on them (and look for a solution without linux in virtualbox and the like). It is an ...
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2 answers

Programming an LPC2148 in OSX

Right now I'm using HyperLoad to program an LPC2148 through USB. HyperLoad is a windows program and I have a Mac so I have to open up a Windows virtual machine to use it. Is there a way to program it ...
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1 answer

Mac based AVR development issue

Ok, so I reinstalled my development enviroment on the mac using the latest build of avr-gcc (4.4.2), avr-libc and avrdude from the Fink project. Problem is when compiling I keep on getting a linker ...
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6 votes
4 answers

What software is used to design and simulate Mac computers, iPod and iPhone circuits?

Apple computers are great. I love my MacBook, however, I haven't been able to find any decent circuit design and simulation software that runs on a Mac. This brings me to a question: If Mac OS X has ...
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TI Launchpad USB serial comms in OSX

Has anyone managed to get a TI Launchpad doing serial comms via the onboard USB chip (TUSB3410) to OSX? I have mspdebug working for uploading code. But to get serial I'm having to plug an FTDI chip ...
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10 answers

Linux / Mac AVR Programming Suite?

I have been coding and using Arduinos for quite some time now. However I am ready to move up to using straight AVR chips without the arduino bootloader. My question is what are resources to do this? ...
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Visualizing sensor data with OSX?

What software do you suggest for visualizing sensor data on OSX. For example bunch of sensors connected to Arduino and sent to MacBook via serial. Realtime graphing preferred but would be interested ...
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Arduino Libaries folder

Where do i put the Arduino "Library" folder on a Mac?
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Good tool for Mac OS X to draw circuits

I am looking for tool to draw circuits on Mac OS X. I mostly need it so I can add it into presentations. So the requirements are that it looks preety.
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