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Questions tagged [overhead]

In computer science, overhead is any combination of excess or indirect computation time, memory, bandwidth, or other resources that are required to perform a specific task.

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2 votes
1 answer

Relation between overhead and aggregated transmission data rate

My homework asks me to calculate the overhead and aggregated transmission data rate of a RS(\$n\$, \$k\$) code at \$M\$ Gb/s. I know that overhead is the additional data added to correct errors, which ...
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Low voltage beak away/tension release connectors for building to building overhead cables

Are there low voltage breakway or tesion release connectors that should be used for overhead, building to building applications? The background is we are running a single pair of speaker cable, and a ...
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2 answers

Is a 'timeout' of 0.2 ms for UART communication realistic?

In most examples (from Arduino/STM32/whatever) I see timeouts of 10 to 100 ms for different kind of communication. However, I am wondering how much 'overhead' there is. Assuming I want to send 8 ...
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